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Winnipeg takes away the keys to the city from Peter Nygard, an honor he received u in 2008

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Peter Nygard leaving court on Sunday, November 12 after being found guilty of the rape of four women.


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After being convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault in Toronto in early November, Peter Nygard was removed this week from the list of recipients of the Keys to the City of Winnipeg, the highest honor awarded by the Manitoba capital, which the ex-fashion mogul received in 2008.

At the beginning of the week, the mayor of Winnipeg, Scott Gillingham, has requested that this honor awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to the city be withdrawn from Peter Nygard, notes a press release from his office on Saturday.

Already, during the municipal council meeting on Thursday, the municipal councilor of Saint-Norbert–Seine River, Markus Chambers, had indicated that the recent legal proceedings against Mr. Nygard, including his conviction […], call[ai ] questioned the trust and honor that the keys to the city represent.

Mayor Scott Gillingham then responded that' he had asked the city's protocol officer to remove Peter Nygard's name from the list of people who had received the keys to the municipality.

The founder of Winnipeg clothing company Nygard International in 1967 received the honor 15 years ago from then-Mayor Sam Katz .

According to Mr. Gillingham's office, this is the first time this distinction has been withdrawn from a recipient.

For several months, Peter Nygard has been facing numerous legal proceedings for accusations of sexual assault that he has always denied.

Last November 12 , a jury found him guilty of four counts of sexual assault. Indeed, five women accused him of assaulting them in the private bedroom of his downtown Toronto office.

The courts acquitted him of one of five counts of sexual assault and one count of false imprisonment.

As of December 2020, Peter Nygard has been in custody following his arrest at a Winnipeg home. He was charged with nine sex counts in New York. For these charges, he faces the risk of extradition to the United States.

Additionally, in February 2020, before his criminal indictment, 10 women filed a civil class action. They accused him of raping them in his seaside mansion in the Bahamas. The women also accused him of operating what they called a human trafficking ring for sexual purposes.

Other women then joined this legal action, which was subsequently suspended in 2020.

Already at the time, former Winnipeg mayor Brian Bowman said that if the accusations against Mr. Nygard were proven in court, the administration was going to take back the keys to the city.

According to his spokesperson, Mr. Bowman found these allegations grotesque.

In addition, Peter Nygard, 82, still faces one count of sexual assault and one count of false imprisonment at Quebec. He is scheduled to stand trial in Quebec on these charges in June 2024.

On December 8, he is also scheduled to appear before a judge in Manitoba, where he is facing sexual assault charges.

With information from The Canadian Press

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