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Presidential election in Russia: are there still candidates against Putin ?

Three candidates face à Vladimir Putin for the Russian presidential election which takes place from March 15 to 17, but the current president is assured. to win this new mandate.

The Russian presidential election has begun. this Friday, March 15 and will end on Sunday, March 17. The nationalist Leonid Slutsky, the communist Nikolaï Kharitonov and businessman Vladislav Davankov are running against each other. Vladimir Putin, but everyone supports the Kremlin regime. The current president, in power since 1999, is assured of to win these elections.

Leonid Sloutski, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Duma, lower house of parliament, predicted “a victory” standard" for Vladimir Putin, and affirms that he is not going to call " vote" against him. Nikolaï Kharitonov, who had already visited present in 2004, focused&eac; his program on proposals which match those of the Russian president: he says he is in favor of an increase in the birth rate; and wants to increase the nationalization of production.  According to him, Vladimir Putin is trying to consolidate the nation with a view to victory in all areas. And that's what's going to happen, he confided. &agrav; the BBC. 

Same thing for the last candidate, Vladislav Davankov, who defends a liberal point of view, but differentiates himself from his competitors on the subject of the war in Ukraine. He says he wants to be "for peace", but "à from our conditions. It's also the only one with having supported the candidacy of Boris Nadejdine, openly opposed to &agrav; the invasion of Ukraine. The latter was é ultimately prevented to introduce herself, just like Ekaterina Dountsova. The Central Electoral Commission, which must prepare the ground for a re-election of Vladimir Putin, has justified its decision. this decision citing "errors" in their files. The three candidates facing à Putin were therefore allé validated by the Kremlin.

Opponents imprisoned or exiled

True opponents of the regime are trying to make themselves heard, without having the power to prevent it from happening. election of the current Russian president. Some are currently serving heavy sentences, like Vladimir Kara-Mourza, for "high treason",  Ilia Iachine for disseminating "false information", or more recently Oleg Orlov, for denouncing the the assault on Ukraine.

Other opponents of the regime were attacked. constrained à exile. Mikhaïl Khodorkovsky now lives in Moscow. London, after having served a ten-year prison sentence in Siberia for "fraud" and "étax evasion". Yulia Navalnaïa, widow of Alexeï Navalny, is as for à she took refuge in Germany. She says she wants to "continue the &work" from her husband and calls à follow the movement "Midi against Putin" which consists &agrav; go vote on the last day of elections noon. A symbolic initiative which will have no consequences on the ballot. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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