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Russia's presidential election result: this figure that will anger Putin, a key opposition estimate

If the Russian presidential election seemed doomed before it even began, the scale of the abstention could play havoc with the election. tes in the expected victory of Vladimir Putin.

Since this Friday, March 15, and until Sunday, March 17, 2024, more than 112 million Russians are called to the polls. While there is not the slightest doubt that Vladimir Putin will be re-elected for a third consecutive presidential term, and a fifth consecutive presidential term, me since its first victory in 2000, the opposition having notably beené Apart from this, the vote is not without its challenges. In the midst of the war against Ukraine, for Vladimir Putin it is a matter of prove to the world that Russia is united behind him.

The master of the Kremlin thus called for Thursday  go to the polls to express "a civil and patriotic position". And to insist: "We must confirm our unityé and our determination to moving forward." While he had gathered 76.69% of the votes during the previous presidential election in 2018 , and already has 64.35% of the votes in 2012, 71.22% in 2004 and 52.94% during its very first victory in 2000, Vladimir Putin intends, as in the last three elections, to be elected in the first round. According to independent Russian-speaking media Meduza, the' Putin's camp goal would be a score of 80% votes in his favor.

A 70% participation rate hoped for by the Kremlin

If  a lower score could be proof that the machine   making Vladimir Putin win was not a success &agrav; height, there is a figure which could annoy the master of the Kremlin even more: that of abstention. Because according to observers, this is the case. one of the main issues of this election. Lack of accepted candidate by the authorities, Vladimir Putin's detractors could be content not to vote.

Éestablished à 31.36% in 2000, 35.68% in 2004, 34.73% in 2012 and 32.46% in 2018, will abstention be greater than in previous elections ? As relayed by BFMTV, the Kremlin is aiming for a participation rate of 70 % and, to do this, the regional authorities would have been mobilized for many months in order to exert a certain pressure on the Russians so that they go to the Russians. the voting booth.

But in the opposition, we are also active. Along with others, the widow of Vladimir Putin's former number 1 opponent, Yulia Navalna, notably called for the support of the president. &agrav; go massively to the polls on Sunday à noon to demonstrate its opposition to the current power, but also à vote for "any candidate except Putin" or even &agrav; slip registered ballots "Navalny" in order to make them null, as reported by Ouest-France.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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