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Prime Video: what new releases to see on Amazon in June ?

We take stock of film and series releases at see in June on the Amazon streaming platform.

Several new features are available. see in June on the Amazon streaming platform. The event of the month will be the release of season 4 of The Boys, including new episodes are posted online at a weekly rhythm à from June 13, 2024. Côt&eac; series, Prime Video subscribers will also be able to discover the first season of My Lady Jane< /em>, which revisits the tragic story of Jane Grey, Queen of England for nine days. The episodes are up to date. discover on June 27. 

When it comes to films, it's mostly on the popular side. documentaries that will have to be filmed, & with the exception of the action comedy In's Reg Les Infallibles  which comes out on June 20.  On the same day, it will be possible to discover the documentary The last 12 days of Federer, which looks back on the farewells of athlete in the world of tennis. On June 25, it's Céline Dion who will look back on her fight against the disease in the documentary Je suis C& ;eacute;line Dion. Below, discover the program of the month on Prime Video. 

Subscribe & Amazon Prime Video

Note also that Prime Video is launching the Max streaming platform via its Prime Video Channels service. In a press release; press release, Amazon announced that Warner pass subscribers will automatically have access to the entire catalog of the new site (and in particular the HBO series) at no additional cost from June 11. For others, two offers are proposed to have access to Max via Prime Video: the Max Basic & 5.99 euros per month and Max Standard without advertising &agrav; 9.99 euros per month, with the possibility of to add Eurosport offers for 5 euros per month.

the new Prime Video features

  • Under the dome(season 1 à 3): June 11
  • The Boys (season 4): June 13
  • Bull (season 1 à 6): June 14 60~/li >
  • Medium (season 1 à 7): June 19
  • 90210 Beverly Hills: June 26
  • My Lady Jane: June 27
  • Hawaii 5-0 (season 1 à 10): June 30

The best series from Prime Video

  • FranchiseThe Pink Panther: June 1st
  • The extravagant journey of the young and prodigious T.S. Spivet: June 1st
  • Malice: June 1st
  • Kick-Ass: June 1st
  • Brisby and the secret of Nimh : 1st huin
  • Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: June 1
  • Twelve men in collar : June 1
  • Birds of Prey: June 6
  • Damaged: June 7
  • Mother's instinct : June 7
  • Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: June 15
  • Mission Impossible Fallout: June 15
  • There's some ham left ? June 15
  • We wanted to break everything: June 15
  • Watchmen: June 15
  • Les Infallibles : June 20
  • Federer's last 12 days: June 20
  • I am: Céline Dion : June 25

The best movies from Prime Video

Prime Video made a sensational entry a few years ago into flagship sports programs by winning the broadcasting rights to Ligue 1 in particular, but also the broadcast of several matches from Roland Garros or major events on the calendar. 

Since August 2021, Ligue 1 has been offered in a new subscription called Ligue 1. Amazon Prime Ligue 1 in which fans of the French championship will be able to discover 80% of Ligue 1 matches for each day of the tournament. To find out more about this specific offer, particularly about its cost, you can head to our dedicated article. above.

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