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Police tip against scams: If you hear these words on the phone, hang up immediately

“The police tip against scams: if you hear these words on the phone, hang up immediately”

Telephone scams are numerous. Certain words or small phrases can quickly put the bullet in the spotlight. the ear.

According to the UFC-Que Choisir association, French people receive on average four unsolicited phone calls per week. While these are sometimes simple advertisements, they are also often scams. Some are easy à to detect, there are special numbers to help you detect this. ten digits starting with 08, short numbers starting with 08 six digits starting with 118 or even four numbers starting with 10 or 3 which can lead to quickly become suspicious. But today scams are much better hidden! No longer appearing like hidden or special numbers Special, the scammers are getting closer to classic numbers. The criminals also have more personal information, allowing them to gain credibility. . 

According to the Spanish National Police, there are certain wordings that should quickly get people to hang up. The authorities noted in particular: that the scammers were pretending to be banks. A phrase like 'I'm calling from your bank. For security reasons, do not verbalize your password. Mark it on the keyboard, must immediately put on alert. By asking to enter the access code online banking, they will be able to carry out banking transactions at home. without the victim's knowledge.

Police tip against scams: If you hear these words on the phone, hang up immediately

The best thing is to hang up immediately. This is, in fact, identity theft. of the bank. "Your bank calls you and you check that the number matches. But no, it's not her. They pretended to be her so that you didn't detect it, she assured. the Spanish police.

In France, the same type of scam is circulating. However, you should know that the bank never asks to communicate confidential information over the telephone or by message. You must therefore be wary of any message or voice that asks for a password or banking details.

Other little sentences can make you think of something scams, especially when they carry news that is a little too good to be true such as "we will refund you" or "you won". The objective is again to recover banking details.

Recently, scams involving loved ones are also increasing. It's better to be careful, and be wary of messages claiming to be sent by an acquaintance but coming from another place. phone than the usual one. It is also recommended not to call back unknown numbers that have not left you message, they could be overcharged.

Teilor Stone

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