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PSG – Reims: Paris drops two points at home, match summary

PSG conceded; a surprise draw on his lawn this Sunday March 10 against à Reims (2-2) à on the occasion of the 25th day of Ligue 1.

PSG – Reims: Paris drops two points at home, match summary

PSG 2: 2

PSG – Reims: Paris drops two points at home, match summary

Reims Live

PSG concedes a draw against Reims and continues to disappoint in Ligue 1 (2-2). The start of the meeting is marked by a gross error by Hakimi. The Moroccan is too calm in his area and loses the ball against his opponent. Daramy. The Dane then has plenty of time to offer a goal ball for Munetsi who does not hesitate to open the score (7th). But Paris doesn't really have time to doubt. Indeed, Luis Enrique's men reacted very quickly and came back to the score just ten minutes after opening the score. Ramos gets a corner and then puts pressure on Abdelhamid on the corner kick. The Reims defender accidentally deflects the ball deep into his own goal (17th). Two minutes later, Ramos scored successfully this time. The Portuguese fights and manages to win. hit. It's devié and ça ended up in the cages of Diouf (19th). Paris then rather managed the situation. even insisted&eac; to make the break but the R&eac;mois will come back, against the flow of play, just before the break. Agbadou finds Diakité who deceives Navas with the help of the post (45th). In the second period, success is less present on the player's side. of the two attacks. The goalkeepers pulled out all the stops like Yehvann Diouf who defeated Kang-in Lee with a wide shot. point blank (63rd). À a quarter of an hour from time, Luis Enrique throws Kylian Mbapp&eac;. And the top scorer in Ligue 1 is very close to adding a 22nd goal this season on a curling shot which narrowly escapes the target (84th). This will be the only real opportunity for the former Monegasque who will ultimately not have succeeded in winning the title. give victory à his éteam. 

15:10 – The words of Lucas Hernandez

Lucas Hernandez confided in on this PSG – Reims: "Ça was noté easy. It's a team that defends well and we also made individual errors which allowed us to win. Reims to score. But we are lucky to have a lead on the second and that allows the coach to rotate."

15:05 – Ambition for Agabdou

The Reims defender delivered. his first impressions after this draw against Paris and also displayed a clear ambition: "We are satisfied with this point and especially with the content. Our aggressiveness pissed them off. There are nine matches left. This is the final straight and we are all aware that we want to play Europe."

15:00 – A first since May 2022

Paris is once again letting points slip away in the Championship and has just ;continue a third meeting in a row without success in Ligue 1. This is the first time that this has happened since May 2022. 

Willy Delajod whistles the end of this PSG – Reims. It all finally came down to success. in the first period where both teams returned to the locker room with a score of 2-2 which is also the final result. The entry of Mbappé nothing has changed; at the outcome of this poster. 

14:51 – Four additional minutes (90')

The fourth referee has just announced added time for this PSG – Reims. 

14:51 – Mbappé écrushes too much (90')

Ousmane Dembélé makes a difference in his corridor and finds Kylian Mbappé behind but the Parisian captain's shot is too crushed. 

14:47 – The work de Mendes (87')

The Portuguese full-back gets rid of Khadra perfectly in the left lane but his cross deflects & oacute; is pushed back fist by Diouf. The R&eac;mois suffer in this end of PSG – Reims. 

The top scorer in the Championship is alone on the sidelines. left and curls with his right foot but his attempt narrowly escapes Diouf's frame. 

14:43 – A double change for Reims (82')

Teddy Teuma ends up giving up his place in this PSG – Reims. It is replaced by Reda Khadra. Junya Ito also gives up his place to the former Parisian Benjamin Stambouli. 

14:41 – The legs are getting heavier (80')

Teddy Teuma suffers from cramps in this PSG – Reims. He will come out in a few moments. 

14:39 – Ito gets a yellow card (79')

The Japanese misses his intervention on Zaïre-Emery and his tackle from behind earns him a yellow in this PSG – Reims.  

14:37 – Mbapp's first strike (77')

The former Monegasque is in a position to shoot and does not deprive herself but she lacks the precision and power to deceive Diouf in this PSG – Reims. 

14:36 ​​- A quarter of an hour remaining (75')

Only fifteen left minutes in regular time of this PSG – Reims and the suspense is still complete at the Parc des Princes. The score is still equal; and the Rémois do not weaken. 

14:33 – A change for Reims and the entry into France e long-awaited release from Mbapp&eac; (72')

Will Still brings freshness into this PSG – Reims. Richardson replaces Atangana. On the side from Paris Kylian Mbappé finally comes into play. Ousmane Demb&eac;l&eac; accompanies him. Soler and Ramos come out. 

14:29 – A double change for Paris (69')

Luis Enrique begins his coaching in this PSG – Reims. Kolo Muani and Nuno Mendes make their entrances. Barcola and Danilo give up their place. Hakimi recovers the captain's armband. 

14:25 – Mbappé leaves to warm up (65')

Kylian Mbappé just got up from the bench and went to warm up in this PSG – Reims to the ovation of the Parc des Princes. 

The Reims doorman is very focused. to repel Kang-in Lee's powerful strike. Decisive stoppage of Yehvann Diouf. 

14:22 – Navas in two stages! (61')

Daramy returns to the axis and takes his chance with his right foot but his attempt is managed in two stages by Keylor Navas who was disappointed. manage the rebound. 

14:20 – A first change (59')

Will Still is the first à make a change in this PSG – Reims. He brings in Akieme à the place of De Smet who took a yellow card in the first period. 

Reims is very close to taking over the & advantage in the meeting! Ito retreated towards Agbadou who, à point blank, is surprised and cannot frame his head. 

14:19 – Beraldo well placed ; (58')

The Parisian defender extends his header on a cross towards Ito. The Rémois get a corner in this PSG – Reims. 

14:17 – Teuma unscrews ( 57')

The Reims playmaker tries his luck on a half-volley but his attempt flies over Navas' cages in this PSG – Reims.  

14:16 – Will Still also warned (56')

The Reims coach did not appreciate Hakimi's tackle and made it known ' Willy Delajod who did not appreciate it. 

14:15 – Hakimi takes yellow ( 54')

The Moroccan international puts far too much intensity into the game. in his tackle and is logically warned by Willy Delajod. 


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