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Wales - France: the Blues crush the Leek XV... the match summary

Thanks to à the contribution of its finishers in the second period, France blew up Wales (25-45). The band à Galthié pockets an offensive bonus thanks to à creations by Fickou, Le Garrec, Colombe, Taofifenua and Lucu.

Wales - France: the Blues crush the Leek XV... the match summary

Wales 24: 45 < img alt = "score France" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/d-mpwuqsugviq2mz1wywgzyqszc=/450x/smart/cf7e2f061608455ab5f81e9c24942691/ccmcms-linternaute/42651870. jpeg " /> France Live

17:53 – Ollivon: "The group met again"

A man of experience, the third row did not shy away from the attack. his pleasure: "Çdid good! We sent lots of play, we had fun. We played a lot; and we had a great time. It’s a successful match. It’s a very beautiful evening. Today, the group met again. We had the impression of playing in France. We thank our supporters."

17:51 – Le Garrec has a smile à the end of this Wales – France

Speaking to the broadcaster, the man of the match confided in : "It’s incredible, in this legendary stadium. I had à I am kind enough to respond now. We wanted to show the best image of the France team. Tonight, we send a message. We had a lot of fun on the pitch. We're happy!"

After the mermaid, à Following a scrum-half throw, the scrum-half took advantage of the game. a work by Penaud to pull off the final bouquet!  

17:42 – The French public& ccedil;ais is in ecstasy! (79th)

The Marseillaise descends from the stands of the Principality Stadium! 

In a second reference period, where the French finishers played a leading role, France crushedé Wales (24-45). The band à Galthié has validated an offensive bonus thanks to à achievements by Fickou (21st), Le Garrec (28th), Colombe (66th), Taofifenua (70th) and Lucu (80th+1). In the first act, the Blues took the score by a short header (17-20), but the defense had made big mistakes. Dyer (8th), Williams (24th) and Roberts knew how to take advantage (43rd). But the XV du Poireau did not have sufficient fuel to resist the bench concocted by the team. the Blues staff. 

17:38 – Davies piercedé the defensive curtain of the Blues (76th)

On a penaltyé quickly played in the center of the field, the Welsh scrum half makes the charge. But, in support, Lewis escaped. leather.  

The Blues pass the 40 point mark! 

17:37 – Colombe gleans a new penalty (73e)

The attitude to scratching was excellent! Ramos shows the poles. This is the penalty of the win. 

17:36 – Le Garrec is elected man of the match! (77e)

Author of an essay, valuable in the management of strong and weak beats, the scrum half ;e stoleé above the Principality Stadium during this Wales – France! 

17:35 – Wales are without a solution (73rd)

The Leek XV plays from its 22 meters. The French defense is in control. 

In the corner, on the left, the opener gives 13 points lead à his nation. 

Behind his ruck, Davies, on an attempted kick, wasé ;eacute; controlled by the second French line. À the race, the LOU player was é the fastest ! This is the offensive bonus test! 

17:31 – The French forwards are phenomenal (68th)

For several minutes, the Blues have been systematically advancing at the impact. 

With the support of the French public, the opener transforms Colombe's essay.  

George-Henri Colombe has largely flattened in the in-goal! The Blues took the advantage in the score. 


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