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Pushed by the EU, WhatsApp confirms historic update

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One month before the entry into force of the DMA, the new EU legislation to regulate tech giants, WhatsApp confirms a significant change to its messaging platform. As a reminder, new European Union rules require the messaging services concerned (those of the giants designated as access controllers) to become interoperable with other applications. And WhatsApp has just given some information on how its messaging service will comply with these rules.

In other words, WhatsApp users will soon be able to chat with users of compatible messaging apps. In an interview with Wired magazine, Dick Brouwer, WhatsApp's director of engineering, gives some insight into how the messaging service plans to implement this. Initially, this feature will only support basic messaging, which includes texts, images, voice messages, videos, and file exchanges. But, later, WhatsApp will also allow you to make calls and group messages with users of other applications.

WhatsApp indicates, in any case, that it will give users a choice. They will therefore be able to activate or not the functionality which allows them to communicate with other applications. “This is important because it could be a major source of spam and scams,” says Brouwer. Furthermore, as we have seen in the various leaks, messages from third-party applications will be placed in a separate tab from the main WhatsApp inbox. In addition, the service does not offer the same level of security when a person communicates with another application.

When ?

WhatsApp appears ready to comply with the DMA, when the new rules apply. However, it is likely that there will not be an application compatible with this feature immediately. The Meta group plans to publish detailed information on interoperability with WhatsApp and Messenger in March. Then, interested messaging services will have to comply with a series of conditions imposed by the group.

Developers will also have to modify their applications, to make them compatible with WhatsApp. On this subject, the group would prefer that other apps connect to WhatsApp using the same protocol, that of Signal. However, Meta is flexible, and allows other protocols, provided that they are as secure as the one used by WhatsApp.

In any case, one Once this interoperability is completed, and apps connect to WhatsApp, we will probably have fewer applications to install on our smartphones.

  • The DMA, which regulates tech giants in the EU, requires designated messaging services to be interoperable with competitors
  • WhatsApp is set to upgrade update its app in order to comply with this new rule
  • Soon, we will be able to use WhtasApp to communicate with users of other messaging apps (those which will be compatible with WhatsApp)

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