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The 'Queen of Canada' threatens the inhabitants of a village in Saskatchewan

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Following their expulsion, Romana Didulo and her supporters took up residence in a former school in Richmound.


The famous Canadian conspiracy theorist, “the queen of Canada”, known in particular for her links with the QAnon movement, threatens the residents of Richmound, a small village located 83 kilometers northwest of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, to publicly execute them.

Romana Didulo, who claims to be the queen of Canada, has amassed thousands of supporters by spreading conspiracy theories on social media, what she calls decrees.

She, along with some of her supporters, who refer to themselves as the Kingdom of Canada, have been traveling the country for some time. On September 13, they were expelled from Kamsack, a town about 350 km east of Saskatoon.

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Romana Didulo, has given herself many titles, including that of Queen of Canada and indigenous national leader. (File photo)

Following their expulsion, Romana Didulo and her supporters took up residence in a former school in Richmound. According to the local mayor, Brad Miller, residents of the village are concerned about their safety.

The situation has worsened, Mr. Miller explains. People are increasingly fed up, more and more worried about their mental health and more and more afraid.

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According to Richmound Mayor Brad Miller, residents of the village are concerned about their safety.

On September 24, villagers staged a protest by carrying out a motorcade near the school with signs and honking horns . They thus demand the departure of the extremist group.

According to Mr. Miller, supporters of Romana Didulo sent emails to the village administration on Monday, asking them to desist and put an end to their actions.

This notice accuses Richmound Village officials of corruption, intimidation and harassment. He also calls these actions dangerous, illegal and immoral.

The extremist group also threatens villagers and calls on them to obey the queen's decrees. Otherwise, they will be found guilty of crimes against humanity, and risk being publicly executed and seeing their children, grandchildren and families undeservedly devastated.

Be warned and prepared. We, the people, are now watching you with open eyes. The curtain is drawn […] Your future is in your hands.

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We were all disgusted and scared, explains the mayor of Richmound. Everyone is on edge. People are staying at home longer. He also points out that the municipality informed Cypress Hills MPP Doug Steele of the situation.

In a press release sent Thursday, Mr. Steele points out that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is increasing its numbers in Richmound.

Although the Government of Saskatchewan does not direct the police in their day-to-day operations or law enforcement activities, I am confident that the RCMP will take appropriate action in accordance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to prevent, investigate and maintain order by enforcing federal, provincial and municipal laws in the village of Richmound, says Doug Steele.

The increase in The police presence was confirmed Friday by RCMP South District Management Team Senior Superintendent Tyler Bates.We monitor the group's comments [and] activities very closely to assess whether or not there are criminal aspects to their activities, Bates says.

Furthermore, according to the RCMP, the playground, which is located near the school in question, is inaccessible to children in order to ensure their safety. We want to make sure the situation is de-escalated and the emotions don't escalate into criminal behavior, says Tyler Bates.

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The playground located near the school in question is inaccessible to children in order to ensure their safety .

Regarding the threats, the RCMP emphasizes the complex nature of the situation, which required a lot of assessment and expertise.

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Barriers have been installed around the old school where Romana Didulo and her supporters are located.

For his part, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says he will monitor the situation with the Department of Justice.

It is sure to provide the community with guidance and options on how to protect the peace of their community. The government will support this approach, specifies the Saskatchewan Premier.

The professor of social work and criminology at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, Christine Sarteschi, has been following the movements of the Queen of Canada for years.

They seem to think that the people of Richmound attacked the queen and that she is in danger, Sarteschi said.

People are threatened. Their children and grandchildren are threatened. We should not ignore it. We don't know what their intentions are. We don't know what they are capable of, but they are very active.

A quote from Christine Sarteschi, professor

The latter reminds us that the group had made similar threats before, but to their knowledge had never engaged in violent behavior. However, Sarteschi stresses the need to take threats to Richmound residents seriously.

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