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Research Process ;doine Faïd : why the mistaken diffusion of the face of an accused is problematic

The trial into the escape of Rédoine Faïd is suspended until October 9 after the face of an accused was mistakenly broadcast. whose identity was changed and must remain anonymous. An "inadmissible" error according to the individual's lawyer.

The trial of Rédoine Faïd, the man who escaped from prison from Fleury-Mérogis prison, was suspended on Friday October 6 and until Monday October 9, date to date which he was supposed to end. An unexpected postponement caused by by a size error: the face of an accused whose anonymity is scrupulously respected. since the beginning of the hearings has been unveiled to the general public on the evening of October 5. An error with serious consequences resulting from a technical bug. A criminal investigation was carried out. open.

The battery has changed identity for its safety

The accused in question is the man who admitted to having played the role of intermediary between the family of Rédoine Faïd and Jacques Mariani, another accused; and a figure of Corsican organized crime, to set up the ultimately aborted escape project of the prisoner Faïd. He is also the one who "swing" Jacques Mariani to investigators. The 48-year-old man, repentant, and his family have since changed their position. identity for their safety, this explains the respect of their anonymity at all times. each audience. Note that the man's co-accused know and see his face, the anonymization measures only apply to the general public.

Many precautionary measures have been taken. taken since the start of the trial to respect the anonymity of the accused. The man arrives before the room opens to the public at each audience and is the last to go leave the premises, including during court adjournments. During the trial, he appeared freely behind a screen. When he spoke à the bar, the screen was removed. also moved to protect his anonymity.

The diffusion of the face of the accused, an “inadmissible” error

Despite Although the precautions had been effective since the start of the trial, a technical bug reduced the number to 100%. negating these efforts on Thursday October 5. The face of the accused appeared in front of the camera and therefore on the screens which allow those present in the courtroom to follow the proceedings and he remained there. à screen for several minutes. A technical bug would be the origin of this serious error. The gendarmes and the lawyer of the accused in question attempted to to hide the face of the forty-year-old using the screen, a piece of fabric or their own body. But by the time the individual was hidden, a screenshot showing his face was taken. broadcast on social networks. "What happened? is unacceptable" complained the accused’s lawyer. anonymous, Me Clarisse Serre, who requested suspension of the hearing. A request granted until October 9.

This error risks putting the man and his family in danger if the latter is recognized in his daily life despite this. his assumed name. The man is the one who denounced the crime. the big bandit Jacques Mariani to investigators and could be the subject of reprisals. When his face was broadcast, relatives of Corsica present in the courtroom reacted strongly. After the "edifying reactions" heard in the room the sight of his face, the accused said to his lawyer not being "in condition to speak". The family of the accused said she was "particularly concerned".

If the error in the broadcast could result from a technical problem, the sharing of 39;a photo of the face of the accused taken during the hearing questions about security in the courtroom. In theory, all the phones of people in the public are checked at random. at the entrance and at the entrance leaving the courtroom. This should have happened. prevent the circulation of the photo.

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