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R5 E-Tech at €25,000: be careful, Renault has a nasty surprise in store

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With the Geneva Motor Show, Renault took the opportunity to present in detail its next city car which revives the myth, this time in electric form.

If it is commendable on the part of the French car manufacturer to offer a vehicle that costs around 21,000 euros once the ecological bonus is deducted, the fact remains that the little one will not be free of defects.

A car that has everything to please

The R5 E-Tech is one of the most anticipated cars of the year, and to say the least, it's is that’she has it all. The electric city car format is currently all too rare, and this R5 will have a compact format particularly suitable for couples.

With a price which is starting to become more or less accessible at 25 000 euros (not counting the 4 000 euros of ecological bonus) and its elaborate design, there is a strong chance that this new electric will play the nostalgic fiber of the fans of the little Renault 5 which appeared on our roads in 72. It is certain that after the Zoé, Renault will not had in any case not much to do to make this R5 attractive.

We will still appreciate its eccentricities such as the “5” logo on its hood which used to visualize the battery recharge in real time. The best version of the electric car will go on sale at the start of the 2024 school year, for a price still unknown at the time of writing this article.

Equipped with 150 horsepower and a 52 kWh battery in its most expensive version, you should expect a range of 400 km, which is rather reasonable for a city car. Unfortunately, this is one of Renault's choices regarding its electric platform which risks causing problems on the most accessible R5 model…

The unpleasant surprise of the R5 E-Tech

R5 E-Tech at €25,000: be careful, Renault has a nasty surprise in store

© Renault

Indeed, the cheapest R5 models will be available later. Not only will we have to wait for this “cheap” version, but we will also have to accept this decision by Renault which is already controversial.

After having enraged drivers about of the fast charging of the Mégane E-Tech, the diamond brand does it again by indicating that the most accessible R5 will be without it. Despite a respectable range of 300 km with a 40 kWh battery and a power of 95 horsepower, this accessible R5 will not be compatible with direct current, and therefore devoid of fast charging.

< p>While this won't really bother people who want to use the R5 as an electric car for their daily commute, it could pose a serious problem for travelers. In fact, this translates into a charging time of at least 3 hours on the terminal, which means that you will need to have something to kill time nearby otherwise you will lose it waiting for the recharge to finish.

After all, the city car was designed for urban use, and Renault had to make concessions in order to keep the price of this accessible version below 25,000 euros. Suffice to say that this “inexpensive” R5 will be better suited to small riders than to people who regularly make long journeys. Otherwise, you will have to upgrade to higher versions, which will be equipped with DC 80 kW fast charging for the 120 horsepower version, and DC 100 kW for the 150 horsepower version.

  • Renault took advantage of the Geneva Motor Show to present in detail its next electric city car, the R5 E-Tech.
  • If this electric revival of the car has everything to seduce, the most accessible version still has a major problem for heavy drivers.
  • Indeed, the basic version does not have fast charging, and you will therefore wait around 3 hours at a terminal for a full charge, when you generally have to wait 30 minutes on other models of electric cars.

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