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Tesla will release its “amazing” Roadster in 2024, here’s what we know

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Tesla now offers four car models for sale on its website. These are the Model 3, X, S and Y. But they could be joined in a few months by a fifth car, the Tesla Roadster. The project is not new and the American manufacturer had already drawn the broad outlines in 2017. Since then, the announcements have followed one another, but no car has left the brand's Gigafactory.< /p>

Initially planned for 2020, the Tesla Roadster should finally see the light of day in 2024. In his speech on social networks, the boss of the brand Elon Musk assured that the car was &#8220 ;ready” and that she was going to surprise us.

An overuse of qualifiers which is not surprising when you know the character a little, but which nevertheless promises to offer a car very different from the configurations currently available. If all the information we have on the Roadster is still to be taken conditionally, certain rumors have persisted for years and we consider them today to be reliable.

A collaboration with SpaceX

Elon Musk confirmed it at the end of February, the next Roadster will be the fruit of&#8217 ;a partnership between two of its companies, Tesla and SpaceX. No one really knows yet how this collaboration will materialize in the car, but all the doors seem open as Elon Musk has accustomed us to proposals, each crazier than the last.

< h2>A rocket on wheels

Other information confirmed by Elon Musk during his publications on X, the car will have everything of a hypercar, it will even be much faster than the latter. The Roadster is heralded as a power monster, Musk promises that 'there has never been a car like this'.

< p>In a response to a message on For comparison, the Bugatti Chiron, considered by many experts to be the fastest car in the world, takes 2.4 seconds to reach this speed. The absolute record for a production car is held by the Rimac Nevera which needs 1.81 seconds to reach 100km/h.

A price that reaches the heights

But it's not just the acceleration performance of the next Tesla Roadster that risks reaching new heights. The price of the car should also be beyond belief. According to several sources, it was initially planned that the car would be sold for around 200,000 euros, but the recent improvements announced by Elon Musk could make the Roadster a much more expensive car.

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