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Hand-held metal detectors have been provided to constables, who now search all visitors.

Reinforced security at the Longueuil courthouse

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A mandatory search procedure has was set up Tuesday morning at the Longueuil courthouse.


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The stabbing of an interpreter that occurred last week seems to have convinced Quebec to increase security measures at the Longueuil courthouse.

Hand-held metal detectors have been provided to special constables, who now search all visitors. The bags of these are also subject to visual inspection.

The new measure came into force on Tuesday morning and will remain in force until further notice. Certain regulars at the courthouse, such as lawyers, are however exempt, provided they are able to identify themselves.

The Ministries of Justice and Public Security explained Wednesday, in a joint statement, that this reinforcement had been put in place to meet the needs for a feeling of security of those working in courthouses.

At the same time, note that analysis work is continuing in order to add arches in certain courthouses and other measures as necessary to maintain the feeling of security, they recalled.

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The attack at the palace of justice in Longueuil has caused the legal community to react to the security deficiencies. (Archive photo)

These new procedures were deployed on Tuesday following the attack of a 68-year-old court interpreter last week. The suspect has since been charged with attempted murder.

The attack sparked nervousness at the courthouse, where there is hope that the new procedures will create a sense of calm.

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Certain security measures, such as searching coats and bags, had already been reinforced in the wake of the attack last week, but their application, randomly, varied from one day to the next.

The legal community has long called for security to be strengthened in Quebec courthouses. Also last week's attack could well convince the government to introduce structural measures to address this concern.

Because constables are not the only ones to fear for security in courthouses: the judiciary, the DPCP, certain defense lawyers, legal aid, in short many partners […] are fighting the same fight as us, assured Tuesday the president of their union, Frank Perales, to Isabelle Richer, on ICI RDI.< /p>

Isabelle Richer receives Frank Perales, president of the Union of Special Constables of the Government of Quebec.

In the meantime, special constables from the Laval courthouse also began to search bags and coats. However, no metal detector has yet been provided to them. This type of equipment is currently only available in Montreal courts of justice.

With information from Valérie-Micaela Bain

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