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Renaming Twitter to X: Elon Musk's terrible mistake

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It was unexpected to say the least, but in the middle of summer, Elon Musk proudly announced the news: Twitter is becoming X. He matched this development with a large provided by AppFigures. Analysts estimate that downloads of the application have fallen due to this development, which has led to a lack of discoverability.

Alarming figures for X

In detail, we recorded 13 million downloads in July 2023, the month of the name change, compared to 11 million downloads in August and only 9 million in September. These figures are taken from the application stores that are well established: the App Store, Google Play, and Twitter Lite on Google Play.

And the bad news doesn't stop there for Elon Musk's platform. Indeed, AppFigures also noted that X's net revenue was $4.8 million in September, almost $1 million less than in August. However, this is twice as high as at the beginning of January, analysts temper.

It remains to be seen whether Twitter Blue's monetization efforts will ultimately bear fruit, otherwise it will become difficult to redress the situation. The coming months will be important in this regard, while the 2024 American presidential election could boost the social network's audience.

This is not guaranteed either and we are starting to hear more and more calls to boycott the social network, accused of allowing too much misinformation to pass, and of not properly ensuring moderation. A reputation which is already leading to withdrawals from advertisers keen not to tarnish their image.

As a reminder, we recently learned that X has an audience of 245 million daily active users. This means that the service has suffered a drop of around 3.7% compared to the period when Elon Musk bought Twitter.

Linda Yaccarino, the company's CEO, prefers to his part sees the glass half full and evokes another statistic. The manager therefore emphasizes that X has 550 million monthly active users. This represents an increase compared to the figure communicated by Elon Musk last July: 541 million. You can obtain other statistics on the subject by re-reading our article here.

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