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Renault Arkana: falling prices and new look for the SUV coupe

RENAULT ARKANA. Arrival on the market French in 2021, the Renault Arkana received its mid-career restyling. If the transformations of the SUV remain quite minimal, the diamond brand has revised its price list to the decline. Here is all the information you need know.

After having won over Asia then Russia, the Renault Arkana, produced in South Korea under the Renault Samsung Motors label and called XM3 in the neighboring continent, arrived in France in spring 2021. The success of the SUV coupe has spread à Western Europe and the diamond brand has decided to take over. to offer him a small upgrade; day in July. A minimum makeover, however marked by the creation of the new Esprit Alpine finish, now a symbol of the high-end of Renault models. The good news from this restyling is above all the drop in the price of the crossover, the entry level of which now costs 31,000 euros. Find below all the information concerning the Renault Arkana.

The new features of the restyled Renault Arkana 

As stated above, Renault has not revolutionized the contours of its crossover from Asia. Some touch-ups outside, including the adoption of the new identity of the company. of the brand, and the simplification of the finishes, now three in number: Evolution, Techno and Esprit Alpine.

  •  The redesigned Renault logo two years ago now and renamed "New"R" takes place in the center of the grille, at the heart of a black strip which connects the front headlights of the SUV coupe. The grille of the grille also adopts this new signature of the brand, with, as The constructor details it for us, the "repetition of diamonds in an unstructured way, echoing the central diamond." The chrome of the grille has disappeared.

Renault Arkana: lower prices and new look for the coupe SUV


  • At the back, move around, there is nothing around. see, or almost. The new Renault logo, in black chrome, appears in the center of the tailgate and matches the ARKANA name written in capital letters. The rear lights are now slightly smoked.

Renault Arkana: lower prices and new look for the coupe SUV


  • As on the latest models of the brand updated Today, the Renault Arkana is now available in three finishes. The Evolution finish marks the entry-level crossover, followed by the Techno finish and finally the new Esprit Alpine finish. The latter, which combines both the chic and sporty spirit of the manufacturer, stands out in particular by specific 19-inch rims, a new rear spoiler, aluminum pedals and heated seats adorned with aluminum. s blue stitching and the Alpine logo.

Renault Arkana: lower prices and new look for the coupe SUV


  • The new Renault Arkana still offers seven colors to choose from. its clientele, but a new color came to chase another. Le Bleu Nocturne, inaugurated on the Megane E-Tech, Solid White, Pearl White, Metallic Gray, Zanzibar Blue and Flame Red have been added to the catalog. The Orange Valencia will not be him more commercialized.

What engines on the restyled Renault Arkana? ?

No changes under the hood. The Renault Arkana retains its two gasoline engines; mild hybridization with a respective power of 140 and 160 horsepower. Ditto for the full hybrid, 145 horsepower, the third choice of engine in the catalog which represents 63% of crossover sales in the first half of 2023.

What is the price of the restyled Renault Arkana? ?

Renault took advantage of this of the makeover of his SUV coupe to update play its price list. Sold at the beginning of the year at 32,500 euros in its Evolution finish with its high-speed engine; mild hybridization of 140 hp, the same version of the Arkana, but restyled, will be… less expensive. The manufacturer has chosen to revise its prices to a new level. the decline, and this entry-level model now costs 31,000 euros, i.e. a "discount" of 1,500 euros. The same finish with the E-Tech engine increases the price of the crossover to 33,000 euros. You have to add 1,600 euros if you prefer to move upmarket with the Techno finish (32,600 and 34,600 euros). Finally, to get your hands on the Arkana Esprit Alpine, the minimum bid is 35,800 euros with the 160 horsepower mild hybrid engine. With the full hybrid engine, the sporty version of the crossover climbs to a higher level. 37,600 euros.

When will the restyled Renault Arkana be released?

Still produced at the same time? factory in Busan, South Korea, this restyled Arkana is available at the order since July 2023. Its arrival in dealerships is expected soon. autumn, possibly in November.

Photos of the Renault Arkana (2021)

The design of the Renault Arkana is clearly that of a coupe SUV ;. The car aims to compete with German models, such as the BMW ; C-shaped LED like on the Mégane or the Talisman. We are dealing here with a crossover, cross between a sedan, a coupe; and an SUV. Find all the photos of the Renault Arkana by clicking on the image above!

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