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Renault Rafale: the coupe SUV is available to order, at what price ?

Present In June 2023, the Renault Rafale, the new top-of-the-range model from the diamond brand, is now available. the order and will land on our roads before summer. next. Discover its price and all the information at know.

Only a few months left before a new Renault vehicle hits the roads. And it’s not just any car since the Rafale, presently at the Paris Air Show in June 2023, aims à To be the flagship of the diamond brand. The SUV cuté high-end is available à the order since February 13 with two levels of equipment: Techno and Alpine. The manufacturer has fixed the entry price of the Rafale E-Tech full hybrid & 45,000 euros, in its Techno finish, while the Alpine finish, the most high-end, will be accessible à from 49,000 euros. The first deliveries are expected before summer. next. In addition, Renault confirms the release of a high-performance E-Tech 4×4 version with 300 horsepower by the end of the year' ;eacute;e. 

History will record that it was on June 18, 2023, as part of the Le Bourget Air Show, that the Rafale responded for the first time à the call. The wink of the surname is obvious to all. aeronautics, but do you know that before the well-known fighter plane, the Rafale was above all a plane signed by the Rafale? Renault released during the 1930s ?  Developed é since the fall of 2020, the Rafale will have been used entirely designed under the direction of designer Gilles Vidal, defector from Peugeot during the summer. of the same year. And it is precisely against the Peugeot 408, among others, that the new flagship of the Renault brand will have to establish itself on the market. increasingly competitive with SUVs. Let's go à his discovery.

Photos of the Renault Rafale

There is no point looking for similarities between the Rafale and its predecessors, the Austral and the Espace. Although it is also produced in the Palencia factory in Spain, the last one is produced in Spain. SUVs from the French brand display a new identity visual, more modern. With its very flat hood, its protruding edges, its very elaborate diamond grille (in different sizes!) and its tapered rectangular headlights – without forgetting the boomerang-shaped LED lights integrated into the shield already on display. seen on the restyled Clio V -, the Rafale offers, by far, the most aggressive face of the Renault SUVs. Its front is also reminiscent of that of the Peugeot 3008 design' by a certain…Gilles Vidal.

Renault Rafale: the coupe SUV is available to order, at what price ?

At the back, at the back, also the features are marked. Like everything suddenly which respects itself, the stern is very vertical with a rear window widely inclined (at 17 degrees), which allowed the manufacturer to save on the rear window wiper. The spoiler, in the extension of the roof, and the small fin, at the end of the stern, provide a side effect. aerodynamic & this SUV certainly has a very sporty look. As on the front, the rear lights are very tapered and give the Rafale a sharp look. Finally, the name Rafale appears in the center of the tailgate in small letters and in rather harmonious calligraphy.

Renault Rafale: the coupe SUV is available to order, at what price ?

20 centimeters larger than the Austral, the Rafale measures 4m71 in length, just one centimeter less than the new Renault Espace. Wider (1m86) but lower (1m61) than its two "brothers", the future high-end SUV from the diamond brand confirms its épureé when viewed in profile. The manufacturer indicates that the Rafale tires will be a little wider on the Rafale, which will be fitted with large 20-inch rims on the Esprit Alpine finish, one of the two offered with the Techno finish at the start of marketing.

Renault Rafale: the coupe SUV is available to order, at what price ?

It's difficult to present the Renault Rafale without talking about its large panoramic roof. As on the Espace, the surface of the window on the future SUV measures no less than 1m2 but benefits from a new feature: signed Saint-Gobain. The manufacturer's technology, a leader in its field, has been improved. called SolarBay and makes it possible to opacify all or part of the surface of the window made up of liquid crystals and composed of nine segments. By activating a small button, or by simple voice command, the Renault Rafale user will be able to choose how to block out the outside light.

Renault Rafale: the coupe SUV is available to order, at what price ?

Unlike &agrav; the exterior, the interior of the vehicle presents many similarities with those of the Austral and the new Espace, in particular in terms of furniture placement. Among the new features, we will also note the new graphic design of Renault's OpenR Link multimedia system, the steering wheel. the slightly squarer shape, or the sporty seats with lateral reinforcements. And to give even more character à its top-of-the-range model, the French manufacturer used new materials, such as black cork on the dashboard and the sliding handle on the center console for the Techno finish and natural slate for the Esprit finish Alpine.

Renault Rafale: the coupe SUV is available to order, at what price ?

The engines of the Renault Rafale

No big surprises regarding the engine of the Techno and Esprit Alpine versions with some deja vu at Renault, particularly on the Austral. The two models offered at the launch of the SUV in the middle of next year will in fact be equipped with the 200& nbsp;ch. But the manufacturer assures that a new plug-in hybrid engine (PHEV) will complete the offer. the end of the year, with the combination of the 3-cylinder 1.2 TCE and an electric motor installed' &agrav; the rear of the vehicle which will allow the SUV to move forward. to achieve a power of 300 hp with all-wheel drive (4×4)!

When will the Renault Rafale be released?

Presenté in June 2023, the newborn of Renault will arrive on the roads twelve months later since the diamond brand announces the first deliveries of the Rafale just before summer. Orders for the high-end SUV opened in mid-February.

What is the price of the Renault Rafale ?

Designed in two finishes, Techno for the entry-level and Esprit Alpine for the high-end, the Renault Rafale will cost a little bit cheaper than the first estimates suggested. The entry price of the new model from the diamond brand will be significantly below 50,000 euros, which is rather good news for potential buyers. The SUV in the Techno finish, without any options, will be accessible à from 45,000 euros (or 430 euros/month for long-term rental, excluding insurance, with a first rent of 5,000 euros). For the cream of the crop, the Rafale Esprit Alpine, the best also without additional option, the ticket will start at 49,000 euros (470 euros/month for long-term rental, excluding insurance, with a first rent of 5,000 euros). We do not yet have a price indicator for the cost of the future 4×4 version of 300 horsepower but the price should certainly increase. climb by several thousand euros.

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