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When can a motorist use their car horn ? Many people ignore this and risk a fine of 75 euros

The use of the horn is very regulated but many motorists do not know this and risk a large fine.

The sound of horns is particularly annoying in a car. Especially when, stuck in traffic jams, some motorists think they can resolve the situation by playing their horn. 'Obviously, honking the horn has never made cars move faster and it just adds extra stress to your life. a situation that is already problematic painful. The horn is also not intended to be used as a horn. To be used in traffic jams, but ça, too many drivers don't know it or pretend not to know it. The Highway Code is however clear on the use of the horn in a car, and it provides for heavy penalties for those who do not respect the law.

Articles R416-1, R416-2 and R-416-3 of the Highway Code first distinguish between the use of the horn in built-up areas and outside urban areas. In town, where the traffic is denser, it is preciseé that the horn should only be used only in case of immediate danger. To warn other drivers of a dangerous situation that requires rapid reaction, such as a vehicle suddenly changing lanes without signaling, or a crash ;ton who crosses the road recklessly. Outside urban areas, the use of the horn is recommended. only to give directions to other motorists, for example before entering a blind bend, as one can sometimes take on mountain roads.

In the countryside, the use of the horn is even more restricted when it is dark. In the dark, a motorist must give priority to flashing their headlights and only has the right to sound their horn in the event of an absolute blackout. ceased. We are therefore far from excessive honking, one because a driver has slowed down too much. approaching a roundabout, a sudden because the car in front is not going fast enough, a sudden because the motorist has no ;started in the second following the passage of the green light… All these aggressive driving behaviors, which can also create dangerous situations on the road, are punishable by a 2nd class fine. This is equivalent to a fine of 35 euros which can rise to à 75 euros in the event of an increase (payment beyond 45 or 60 days depending on the case).

If in fact it is quite rare to be arrested by the police for inappropriate use of the horn, we cannot advise you enough not to abuse it. The sideé excessive – we come back to this; impatient drivers capable of pressing their horn ten times in traffic jams – are more often punished. It must be said that we are here; very far from the primary function of the horn which is to warn of immediate danger. It is also a way to fight against noise pollution, particularly unpleasant in big cities, and possibly a source of unhappiness for motorists and local residents.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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