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Report expected on anti-Black racism from Toronto police

Le Final report from the Ontario Human Rights Commission following its investigation into anti-Black racism within the Toronto Police Service was released on December 14, 2023. (File photo)

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Systemic discrimination, racial profiling and racism: the Ontario Human Rights Commission once again denounces anti-Black racism within the Toronto Police Service.

Entitled From impact to action, this report published Thursday offers more than 100 recommendations to address the systemic problem of anti-Black racism within the Toronto police.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is this time recommending legally binding measures to try to end the ongoing problems.

The objective: to establish accountability mechanisms in matters of racial profiling and discrimination.

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Even before 2020, there were numerous calls to defund the Toronto Police Service in the wake of denouncing the systemic discrimination observed within this police force. (Archive photo)

Analysis of thousands of pages of documents in addition to interviews with members of the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Services Board revealed deficiencies in the policies, procedures, training and accountability mechanisms of the Toronto Police and the agency that oversees police work, details the report.

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These failures contributed to perpetuating discrimination and fueling distrust of black people towards the police, according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC).

Coercion legal can play an important role in creating a relationship of trust between authorities and black communities, according to the OHRC.

The OHRC wants an agreement between the Police Services Board and the Toronto Police to formally commit to legally binding law enforcement measures that are effective, timely and , as far as possible, non-accusatory.

Source : Ontario Human Rights Commission

This new study appears following the reports entitled A collective impact (2018) and A disparate impact (2020).

In its 2020 report, the OHRC found that Black people in Toronto are disproportionately arrested, charged and subjected to the use of force.

His 2018 report looked into racial profiling and discrimination against black people within the Toronto Police Service.

Last year, a new analysis by the Toronto Police Service determined that the use of force by Toronto police disproportionately affected racialized people.

The former chief of the Toronto Police Service, James Ramer, had issued his apology, which was not well received by some members of the community.

As an organization, we have not done enough to ensure that every person in our city receives fair and impartial treatment from police officers, he admitted.

An all-out change is necessary and in all sectors of our police service. This must include our leadership, our culture, our accountability mechanisms, our training and education, etc., acknowledges Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw in a joint press release from the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Services Board.

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The Police Department of Toronto and the Toronto Police Services Board will provide an update on this report at a Board meeting scheduled for March 2024.

We listen to you, whether you are a member of Toronto's black communities or a member of our police force, said the president of the Police Services Board, Ann Morgan.

We recognize that although we are already on the path to change, further change is necessary and must be lasting, comprehensive and profound, she adds.

Recommendations will be examined from the perspective of legal compliance, feasibility operational and budgetary impact in order to determine if and how each of them can be implemented.

A quote from Excerpt from the written declaration

Toronto Police will now begin reviewing the recommendations contained in the report in collaboration with the OHRC as well as in consultation with the Advisory Committee against racism from the Toronto Police Services Board and other community stakeholders.

We recognize the reality and impact of disparate treatment of Black people, both within our organization and among Torontonians.

A quote from Ann Morgan, Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board

There is still a lot of difficult work to be done, says the police chief, and we welcome the report of the CODP as an important resource for us as we continue this work, he assures.

The publication of this new report coincides with the Toronto Police Service's request to increase its 2024 budget by $20 million, an increase of 1.7% compared to the 2023 budget.

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