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“The officer did not put his knee on the suspect’s neck,” police say

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A screenshot of the police officer who appears to immobilize a demonstrator, during his arrest, by placing a knee on his neck.


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Organizers of a protest in support of Palestine accuse Toronto police officers of police brutality.

The Toronto chapter of the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), which was one of the organizers of a downtown protest on Sunday, posted images on social media of an officer appearing to immobilize a man by pressing his knee on his neck .

She claims in a written statement that the demonstrator was brutalized and arrested and believes that the use of this technique immobilization reflects violent tactics used by police around the world.

Toronto Police denies the group's allegations.

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In light of the footage we have seen of this case, we maintain that the officer did not pose his knee on the suspect's neck, says a spokesperson for the police force, Stephanie Sayer, in an email.

She says the event was sudden and unexpected. Ms. Sayer explains that in situations where everything is changing quickly, officers are trained to use the force necessary to regain control and ensure the safety of everyone, including the public and police officers.

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In a press release published Monday, the police claimed that one of the bicycle officers present at the demonstration had been pushed and had found himself on the ground.

The video posted on Instagram by the Palestinian Youth Movement begins when' a person is immobilized on the ground by several agents. We do not see the clash that there would have been before.

The arrested demonstrator, a man aged 32, was charged with assault on a peace officer and obstructing the work of a peace officer. He is scheduled to appear in Ontario Court of Justice on January 25.

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