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Review of The 3-Body Problem: Netflix may have its new phenomenon

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Sci-fi fans have never been so spoiled. While Dune : Second Part is still broadcast in cinemas, to the delight of movie buffs, another major work of science fiction is offers an adaptation… On the small screen, this time.

For many months, Netflix has been tickling our curiosity and promising us THE series of the year with The 3-Body Problem. While most of its major series are reaching their conclusion, it is necessary to find a new goose that lays the golden eggs for the streaming platform. By tackling an extremely popular science fiction literary trilogy, Netflix has something to sink its teeth into. We still have to succeed in offering us a series that lives up to its ambitions.

The 3-Body Problem does it have what it takes to become Netflix's new benchmark series ? Available since this morning on Netflix, 9:01 a.m. sharp, we tell you what we thought of 3-Body Problem.

The Adaptation Problem

By choosing to adapt the literary trilogy The 3-Body Problem, Netflix is ​​not making it easy. Lin Cixin's saga is rather complex since it is a question of hard science fiction, a genre of science fiction in which everything is plausible with regard to our current scientific knowledge, and that the author multiplies the temporalities and sub- intrigues.

If Netflix has encountered some difficulties in adapting works in the past, the platform seems to have repaired the exercise with One Piece or Avatar, the Last Airbender. But for a saga deemed impossible to adapt, we had to roll up our sleeves.

In our time, a wave of suicides is affecting the scientific community and the laws of nature are being disrupted. Five brilliant scientists who studied at Oxford will join forces with an agent of the British government to understand what is happening and try to face the worst danger ever to threaten humanity. Everything seems linked to the decision of a woman in China, six decades ago. So much for the synopsis of 3-Body Problem. Difficult to say more at the risk of spoiling the series for you.

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The story of the series is complex and deep. If you fall asleep easily in front of your TV, you will have difficulty understanding The 3-Body Problem. The story takes us from one temporality to another, from one place to another, from the point of view of one character to another. One eye closed, and you risk losing the thread. Netflix's challenge is therefore to make the plot of the series exciting and thrilling, without confusing viewers, but without oversimplifying the story. A real balancing act…

Good news: The 3-Body Problemfound its balance. Comprising 8 episodes of around fifty minutes each, the series is interesting and intriguing enough to make us want to devour the episodes without falling into opaqueness. The series must be understandable without being indigestible. Once the foundations are laid, it’s a real delight to see everything take shape. And each element takes on its full meaning. The series benefits from intelligent writing, with endearing and deeply human characters.

The 3 Body Problem addresses many universal themes, with which we can identify in some way. The new Netflix series pushes us to question ourselves and broaden our horizons. How would we react in the place of the protagonists ?

Creators expected at the turning point

To carry out this complex adaptation, Netflix did not choose just anyone. After fantasy with Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss join forces again for The 3-Body Problem. This duo turns into a trio, for The 3-Body Problem, it's adequate. The creators of Game of Thronesinclude, as well, a third accomplice: Alexander Woo.

To say that spectators are waiting for this new series is an understatement. Not only is Netflix tackling a complex and popular literary saga, but they have also hired the creators of one of the best series of recent years… If only we will forget its last season!

But David Benioff, D.B. Weiss and Alexander Woo are not afraid. They manage to convince us without overwhelming us with The 3-Body Problem. The series delivers its share of extremely effective moments, with intelligent staging. The creators made the decision to deviate a little from the novels, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just a shame that the photograph of the 3-Body Problemdon't stand out.

Review of The 3-Body Problem: Netflix may have its new phenomenon

© Netflix

Actors up to the task

The distribution of Probleme à Trois Corps is good. Far from the big names that Netflix is ​​sometimes used to, we appreciate seeing new blood, and a few familiar faces.

So, apart from Benedict Wong (< em>Doctor Strange), John Bradley (Game of Thrones) and Liam Cunningham (encore GoT, as luck would have it), The 3-Body Problem is an opportunity to see other actors shine.< /p>

Si Alex Sharp (A Life), Eiza Gonzalez (Baby Driver< /em>), Sea Shimooka (Arrow) or even Jovan Adepo (Babylon) don't really come out of nowhere apart, this series is certainly their opportunity to be in the spotlight. Seeing new faces on screen is always a good thing. Especially to help us delve into a universe as complex as that of the 3-Body Problem. Especially when they have the ability to demonstrate all their talent in front of the cameras.

The 3-Body Problem: the series not to be missed

In The 3-Body Problem, we feel all the ambitions of the creators and Netflix. And this is not to displease us. Now that the foundations are laid and the issues are clearly defined, we can't wait to discover the rest of the series.

We'll have to be patient, but it looks like with The Three-Body Problem, Netflix has its new flagship series. Indeed, all the ingredients have come together to make it the phenomenon of the moment, with a complex and thrilling plot, a rich universe and talented actors. If you like science fiction, The Three-Body Problem is likely to appeal to you.

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