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Zorro: everything you need to know about the French version with Jean Dujardin

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No one saw it coming, but in October 2022 we learned that a new adaptation of Zorro in series with Jean Dujardin was in preparation. We remained without news since then, until the Paramount+ platform and France Télévisions surprised us once again this morning with a press release which revealed the synopsis of this eight-episode production as well as a visual.

What's it going to be about ?

https://twitter. com/ParamountPlusFR/status/1770392449908666548?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

L 'story takes up the great classics of the original saga:

In 1821, Don Diego de la Vega became mayor of his beloved city of Los Angeles, which he intended to make prosper. However, the municipality is faced with financial problems due to the greed of a local businessman, Don Emmanuel, in the face of whom the mayor's powers prove insufficient to combat the 'injustice. Diego hasn't called on his Zorro double for 20 years. But in the name of the general interest, he has no other choice but to bring out his mask and his sword. Very quickly, Diego will encounter difficulties reconciling his dual identity as Zorro and mayor, which puts a strain on his marriage to Gabriella, who is unaware of his secret. Can Diego save his marriage and his sanity amidst the chaos ?

Who's in the cast& ;nbsp;?

Besides Jean Dujardin in the main role who needs no introduction, we will have the pleasure of finding another legend of the seventh tricolor art in the person of André Dussolier (Tanguy, Three men and a bassinet) in the role of Don Alejandro. This duo will be completed by Audrey Dana (Roman de gare, Welcome), Grégory Gadebois (Presidents, Police), Salvatore Ficarra (Stuck), or even Éric Elmosnino (Gainsbourg (heroic life), Le Skylab).

Note also that the series is created by Benjamin Charbit (Under Control, Gagarine, Notre Dame, Les Sauvages, < em>En Liberté) and Noé Debré (Parlement, Stillwater, Dheepan).

Zorrodoes not yet have an official release date but it should be done by the end of 2024. This program will be broadcast on the Paramount+ streaming platform before being offered on France Télévisions. Given the first elements available to us, what do you think of this project? Do not hesitate to let us know your feelings in the comments.

What you need to remember:

  • The French series Zorro will be released this year on Paramount+ before a broadcast on France Télévisions
  • This adaptation seems to be on track with a good cast and solid values ​​at the helm
  • It reconnects with the origins of the saga if we trust the revealed synopsis

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