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Revolut gets a makeover: the biggest new features arriving< /p> © Revolut

Revolut announces Revolut 10, the 10th major version of the banking application, and with it a redesign of the firm's visual identity. The logo first – We're sure that most customers won't notice a big difference, but the R is no longer all rounded. We move on to a more classic letter R, Helvetica style, with a break at the top of the vertical bar at the junction with the upper rounding of the letter.

This logo is already reflected on the site and in the new version of the application. However, not all of the new features announced by Revolut are yet available by default – we can assume that some will arrive thanks to a server-side update (probably in progress). In the meantime, to see the new look following the update, you must go to your avatar and activate the “new features”.

Revolut gets a new look

< p>So, apart from the new identity, what should we expect in terms of big new features? The first point is that Revolut has reviewed the ergonomics of the banking application. At the bottom, the navigation bar now goes beyond the three buttons Home, Transfers and Hub. Instead there are now five quick access buttons including Invest, Cryptos and Lifestyle (new name for the Hub).

The main page changes design, with a customizable wallpaper, a more obvious presentation of the balance and a new button, below, which allows easier access to your other banking products. Widgets are appearing – they allow you to personalize this page according to your needs.

The Hub gives way to Lifestyle. Concretely, Revolut still offers other banking products in this section, but now also includes offers, ideas and other good deals. There's also Pockets for organizing bill payments, which is getting an update. As well as the management of your stocks and crypto, which becomes more intuitive.

The firm explains: “All accounts and cards are now accessible from the home screen, in addition, investment and lifestyle tools remain very easily accessible. The latest version of the application adapts to user needs, offering simplified navigation and full customization… Revolut 10 users can now build an app in their image with personalized themes, widgets and backgrounds.

The firm adds that the number of The number of Europeans using Revolut as their primary account has increased by a third since last year. The new version is available now on iPhones and Android smartphones. To update your app, go to the Revolut page in the App Store or Play Store then tap the 'Update' option. Remember to activate the new features in the profile menu to benefit from the new interface.

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