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Netflix weakened by competition: here are its challengers

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In recent years, alternatives to Netflix have multiplied, particularly in the United States. And today, some of its competitors seriously threaten the world number one. In any case, this is what is revealed by a study carried out by Whip Media and relayed by Variety. Every year, Whip Media carries out a satisfaction study on streaming platforms. And according to the 2023 edition of this study, the platform that satisfies its customers the most is Max. Netflix, meanwhile, is in sixth place.

To obtain these results, Whip Media surveyed 2,011 American adults. These highlight the decline in Netflix user satisfaction in recent years. Indeed, Netflix was in fourth place in 2022, and in second place in 2021. The other platforms that are ahead of Netflix, according to this study, are: Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Paramount+.

However, it is important to note that on some criteria, Netflix is ​​still number 1. According to Variety's explanations, Netflix is ​​in first position with regard to user experience and the suggestion of content to subscribers. On the other hand, this one would be the last in the ranking in terms of perceived value.

The “small” platforms are gaining ground

Generally, Whip Media finds that in the United States, satisfaction with the main streaming platforms, Netflix, Disney+ and Max, is declining. On the other hand, average players like Apple TV+, Hulu, Peacock, Prime Video and Paramount+ saw their satisfaction increase. The two platforms that have evolved the most are Apple TV+ and Peacock, offered by NBCUniversal. For these two services, user satisfaction is increasing across all criteria: content quality, value, etc.

Of course, this study should be considered with caution since it is an American study. And besides, the number of Netflix users around the world is still increasing. In the second quarter, SVOD added 5.89 million subscribers. And thanks to the end of password sharing, and the existence of the affordable ad-supported offer, Netflix should continue to show good growth.

But in any case, the Whip Media study illustrates the tough competition that there is in the streaming market, especially after the arrival of new services to compete with Netflix.

  • An American satisfaction study indicates that Netflix continues to decline
  • In its ranking, Netflix is ​​only 'in sixth place
  • However, despite these figures, Netflix is ​​still the leader in its market and in the second quarter it added 5.89 new subscribers worldwide

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