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Robert Miller allegedly attacked two 12-year-old teenage girls

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Robert G. Miller


According to two affidavits filed as part of a proposed class action against Robert Miller, which brings together around forty complainants, the Montreal businessman would have had numerous sexual relations in the past with at least two teenage girls then aged 12 years old.

In the two documents of which Radio-Canada obtained a copy, the complainants – whom we will refer to as Madame 45 and Madame 46 – recount how they were approached by the wealthy businessman and how the latter had sexual relations with them in exchange for money for years afterward. Attacks that destroyed their lives, they say.

Mrs. 45, who says she first met Robert Miller in 1994, explains that at that time she was living alone with her disabled father and they were very poor. Then aged 12, she was too young to work and earn money.

One ​​day, she responded to an ad in the newspaper for modeling. A man calling himself Raymond Poulet had arranged to meet her and then explained to her that the job was not just about being a model and that she would have to have sex with a man called Bob.

To ensure that she would do the job, Raymond Poulet – who she said ran an escort agency – had a sexual relationship with her, even though she had told him of her age.

In the days that followed, a meeting was set up between the young girl and Bob. Raymond Poulet and a woman who worked for him accompanied the young girl to the meeting.

Following an exchange of money between Miller and the two pimps, she had unprotected sexual relations with him despite the fact that she told him that she was in secondary 1. He claimed to have Parkinson's disease and wanting to get the most out of life.

She received $500 from the two pimps following the encounter that left her in shock, she said. During her third meeting with Robert Miller, she claims to have clearly told him that she was 12 years old.

The following times, Robert Miller would have given her his contact details so that she no longer had to go through Raymond Poulet for meetings. He also asked her to bring other girls on the date. What she did next, always in exchange for money.

According to Madame 45, she and Miller had sex in exchange for money until she was 15 or 16. She estimates she had sex with him about 30 times during that time.

Arrested in 1997 for soliciting [other girls ] at his school. Madame 45 says that miraculously, no investigation took place subsequently and that she did not inherit a criminal file. She adds that she never knew what happened.

Mrs. 46, for her part, had known the businessman since her early childhood due to a friendly relationship between her parents and Robert Miller and his wife at the time.

According to her account, it was in 1977 that she was sexually assaulted by Robert Miller, when she was also 12 years old. The latter had had a complete relationship with her when he found himself alone with the young girl in her home while her parents were out. He had promised to watch over her while they were gone. He gave her a $20 bill following the attack, says Madame 46.

She claims to have subsequently had sexual relations with him until he was 17. At each meeting, she received between $200 and $1,000. There is, according to her, no doubt about the fact that Miller knew how old she was at the time of the events, she emphasizes.

Between 1978 and 1982, she claims they had sex about three times a week.

The two women claim that their lives were subsequently destroyed due in particular to the shame felt and the psychological upheaval caused by these sexual assaults, the weight of which they must still bear today, every day of their lives.

On Thursday, the court must consider the admissibility of 41 sworn statements made as part of a request for authorization of a class action by women who they also claim to have been sexually assaulted by the Montreal billionaire.

During the hearing at the Montreal courthouse, Robert Miller's lawyer argued that the confidentiality of the complainants – who are only referred to by their initials in court documents – does not allow his client to benefit from a fair defense. The lawyer argued that he cannot adequately plead in this case if he does not know who the plaintiffs are. He also asks for information relating to their age.

Recall that the collective action has still not been authorized by the Court in this matter.

Several plaintiffs are also suing Robert Miller and his company, Future Electronics, in a civil suit for millions of dollars in an attempt to obtain compensation for the sexual abuse they committed suffered at the hands of Miller when they were teenagers.

For months, testimonies have been increasing against Robert Miller, who for decades was at the head of a network of sexual exploitation of young girls who were minors or barely adults, according to information collected by the program < em>Investigation and released in February 2023.

For his part, Robert Miller categorically denies all these allegations and legally opposes the prosecution individual and at the request for collective action from the forty complainants.

The billionaire, his company and his entourage are now the subject of four lawsuits: three individual lawsuits in addition to the class action request.

A few hours after the broadcast of the Investigation report, Robert Miller resigned as CEO of Future Electronics. And last September, Future Electronics announced the sale of the company to a Taiwanese firm for more than five billion dollars.

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