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The 82-year-old man faces five charges of sexual assault and one of false imprisonment in Ontario.


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Peter Nygard is accused of assaulting 5 women, including a minor, at his former headquarters in Toronto from 1986 to 2005.

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The Crown suggests that Peter Nygard, who faces five charges of sexual assault, invited young women to his home under false motives to rape them. The octogenarian, however, again categorically rejected the allegations of five complainants on the second day of his cross-examination on Wednesday.

Peter Nygard claims that he only knows one of the five women, that he has never met the other four or at least does not remember them at all. #x27;them.

I don't remember the events they accuse me of, since I never saw them, he repeats, adding that& #x27;he would never have acted like this even if he had known them.

The Crown nevertheless reminds him that the fact that he does not remember meeting 4 of the 5 complainants does not mean that he did not assault them.

Peter Nygard cannot, however, ignore the existence of complainant No. 3, since a photograph proves their meeting in the Bahamas in December 1997. However, he also rejects this woman's allegations.

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The difficulty for prosecutor Neville Golwalla lies in the fact that he cannot contradict Peter Nygard by opposing his statements of the 5 complainants to his own, since he claims not to know them.

The Crown, however, identifies numerous inconsistencies in the cross-examination of Peter Nygard, between what he told police in 2021 and at trial last week.

The Crown assures that Peter Nygard knows the first complainant well and that he attacked her after a Rolling Stones concert in December 1989 at the Rogers Center in Toronto, formerly known as the Sky Dome.

However, Peter Nygard had said on the witness stand that he had never been to see the group in his life and that he had never been to the Sky Dome. The prosecutor, Neville Golwalla, suggests that a concert of 59,000 people is not something that is easily forgotten.

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Crown prosecutor Neville Golwalla questions complainant No. 1 in the witness box in early October 2023.

Peter Nygard, however, claims that he does not consider a spectacle of such magnitude to be exceptional. It was in 1989 Mr. Nygard, replied the prosecutor, implying that it was a large crowd for the time.

Me Golwalla then brandished Peter Nygard's statement at the police station in October 2021 in which he affirmed that he never misses any opportunity to attend rock concerts.

I don't particularly like them, I wouldn't necessarily go to one of their concerts, he says now at the helm.

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Peter Nygard experienced many silences on Wednesday in his responses to the Crown.

The prosecutor then cites a newspaper article in which Peter Nygard claims that he sometimes dresses in cowboy boots, like Stones singer Mick Jagger.

Jagger was the first to wear cowboy boots, but I don't admire him and the Stones don't come to mind when I think of a concert not to be missed, the accused continues. p>

In another tense exchange, the Crown reminds Peter Nygard that he also knows the fifth complainant well.

The woman explained during the trial that she approached him while he was accompanied by model Monika Schnarre at the Chez Henri club in Hull. in 1987 (Ms. Schnarre was a teenager at the time, Editor's note).

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Defense attorney Brian Greenspan cross-examines Complainant No. 5 on the last day of her testimony on October 17, 2023. The woman is accompanied by a therapy dog.

She had claimed that she wanted to talk to him about an idea for a children's clothing collection and that she had given him her telephone number.

The complainant alleges that the designer then brought her to Toronto to discuss business in an oyster bar, but that he raped her while showing her around his downtown fashion studio.

I have never used fashion as a bait to attract women, Peter Nygard vehemently asserts.

Peter Nygard denies telling him that oysters taste like vaginas in the mouth. It's not my kind of joke, he said.

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Peter Nygard, watched by prosecutor Golwalla seated left, during defense questioning this week last.

Peter Nygard emphasizes in any case that he would never have taken a debutante under his wing if he had accepted the complainant's proposal.

I wasn't interested in children's clothing and if I had liked the idea, I would have done business with Monika, because she was famous, he replies.

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Crown prosecutor Neville Golwalla uses facts, even details, to his advantage to prove fashion designer is lying to jury .

The designer further claims that it would have been suicidal to be seen giving his phone number to a perfect unknown, 20 or 21 years old.

You did give your telephone number to the owner of the club, jokes Me Golwalla.

Peter Nygard also maintains that Ramona Brown was not one of his former girlfriends at the end of 2004, although he had suggested the opposite last week during interrogation.

Mona was just an employee in training, he said.

Were you traveling on your private jet with recruits on probation? asks Me Golwalla, perplexed.

Peter Nygard explains that hiring at his defunct company followed the same procedures and that Ms. Brown was recruited into the relations department public.

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Crown prosecutor Neville Golwalla questions Peter Nygard on the second day of his cross-examination on November 1 2023.

He also acknowledges that he was married to his company and that he was not born; wasn't exclusive

Peter Nygard also returns to his statements to the police according to which the suites in his offices in Toronto, Winnipeg and Los Angeles are filled with condoms.

I always keep my condoms in my luggage and not in my apartments that I share with my family or my staff, he specifies. p>

Cross-examination continues Thursday.

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