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Rocket One, the electric motorcycle designed like a fighter plane

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If electric cars are more and more numerous on our roads, this is not yet the case for motorcycles. In the world of two wheels, where driving sensations are an integral part of purchasing reasons, thermal engines are still popular. Especially since the latter, generally much smaller than on a car, are much less polluting.

Nevertheless, a few companies are developing electric motorcycles. This is for example the case of Eyelights, a company based in Toulouse. She has worked in recent months in collaboration with Energica to produce “Rocket One”.

Presented in Monaco during the 19 edition of the Top show Brands, dedicated to exceptional vehicles, this motorcycle has nothing to do with a classic two-wheeler. We are talking here about an ultra-futuristic design, with an all-electric 132 kW (180 hp) engine block, delivering a phenomenal power of 1,200 Nm. Thanks to this crazy acceleration, the motorcycle is capable of going from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.6 seconds.

An additional layer of augmented reality

To add exceptionality and complexity to a product that was already quite enough, Romain Duflot , the founder of Eyelights had the idea of ​​integrating an augmented reality overlay into the helmet of this already extraordinary motorcycle.

Nothing very surprising that said, when we know that the first project of the Toulouse start-up was an accessory for a motorcycle helmet, transforming any visor into an augmented reality screen. The motorcycle's various cameras thus provide a display of blind spots or even advanced warning of other road users.

A design worthy of ;#8217;a fighter plane

To design this motorcycle, Romain Duflot did not want to start from scratch. He was greatly inspired by his other passion, fighter planes. The motorcycle thus takes the lines of these supersonic machines. Thus the front headlight looks very much like an F-16 turbine.

The helmet was inspired by that of the F-35 pilots of the American Air Force. Finally, the color chosen for the whole is the same as that used for the P-51 Mustang, the American fighter planes used during the Second World War.

A unique product

However, such an exceptional motorcycle will not be in everyone's hands. It required years of development and so much work and technology, it necessarily has a cost. The selling price of this “Rocket One” should therefore be set around 100,000 euros.

For Romain Duflot, who developed the motorcycle, success is guaranteed. An optimism that he shares with his team, the Eyelights company being in full growth. Since the launch of its first product, Eyeride, aimed at the general public, the young company has managed to exceed 20,000 sales. At the same time, it raised more than 20 million euros.

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