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The Vision Pro helmet officially arrives in France (from €3,999)

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This year, Apple finally launched its first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro. However, initially, the firm only marketed this brand new product in the United States. But soon, the Vision Pro will also be offered by Apple in France. During the opening keynote of its WWDC conference, in addition to presenting the new VisionOS 2 operating system, Apple also announced the availability of its headset in other countries, including France.

Starting June 13, it will be possible to pre-order the mixed reality headset in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. In Germany, Australia, Canada, France and the United Kingdom, you will have to wait until June 28 at 2 p.m. (French time) to pre-order the headset, which will then be available from the 12 July. The starting price will be 3,999 euros.

It remains to be seen how the rest of the world will react to the arrival of this brand new category of Apple product. In the United States, the Vision Pro is priced starting at $3,499. And while it had a very good start during the pre-order period, demand then stabilized.

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VisionOS: a host of applications and some new features for the operating system

The good news is that the Vision Pro already provides access to a large catalog of applications. According to Apple's latest figures, its platform already has more than 2,000 applications specially designed for Vision Pro. And to these are added more than 1.5 million iOS and iPadOS applications that have been made compatible with the mixed reality headset.

Apple has also just lifted the veil on the new version of the VisionOS 2 operating system, which will be available this fall. Compared to the current version, this is not a radical update. But Apple has still brought interesting new features to its mixed reality platform. For example, the Vision Pro will allow you to work on a larger surface when using the Mac virtual screen function. The company has also developed new ways to control the interface with your hands, and will make the Vision Pro more practical on public transport.

  • Apple announces the arrival of its Vision Pro mixed reality headset in France
  • This product will be available from July 12
  • The starting price will be 3 999 €
  • Apple has also just presented the new system of ;#8217;VisionOS 2 operating system, which will be available this fall

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