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Rumors are intensifying around the folding iPhone, a release planned in 2 years ?

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Rumors have existed around the folding iPhone for months, even years. Although Apple has obviously never confirmed any information on this subject, several invention patents filed by the Apple brand show that interest in this technology is very real.

In recent weeks, several analysts have expected the folding iPhone to be released at the beginning of 2027, on a different schedule from the iPhone & #8220;classic”. But new rumors published in recent days suggest that Apple could move even faster in its development.

According to information from the South Korean media Alpha Biz, the first folding iPhone could see the light of day in 2026. If this timetable is slightly faster, it seems entirely tenable for Apple which, given its various patents on the subject, already has many key technologies.

The Apple brand could thus offer a folding iPhone in a “book” close to the Samsung Fold or in a “clamshell” like the Z Flip from the Korean brand. For now, neither of the two formats seems to have gained the upper hand over the other internally.

The end of the Apple Car, a blessing for the iPhone Fold?

In its report, the Korean media Alpha Biz makes a strange connection between the end of the 'Titan' project, dedicated to the development of the Apple Car, and that of the iPhone Fold. The author explains that the resources released by Apple following the cessation of this program could be reintroduced directly into the iPhone Fold, thereby accelerating its development.

On the other hand, if Apple is able to put an end to ten years of work and billions of dollars of research and investment around the Apple Car, the same could happen in the coming months with the iPhone Fold. After all, the project does not seem to convince everyone internally, and Tim Cook has never hidden his preferences for the Vision Pro and augmented reality rather than folding smartphones.

iPhone Fold, with a train of delay

Although the latter have managed over the years to carve out a place for themselves in the very high-end smartphone market, they are still far from being unanimously accepted and Apple will have to take big risks to become a market leader. enter this market almost 10 years after its main competitor Samsung.

Today all the largest smartphone manufacturers have a range foldable, only Apple is still missing. If the apple brand only arrives in this market in two years, it will be a decade behind certain competitors.

All or nothing

It is very difficult to imagine Apple succeeding in closing this gap with an early version of the iPhone Fold. The phone only seems to have two possible fates. In the first scenario, which is also the most likely, the iPhone Fold is a very decent product, offering great features, but still a notch below its competitors.

In the other scenario, more difficult to imagine, the iPhone Fold created a real break with the market, reinventing the folding smartphone as the iPhone had succeeded in doing. done in 2007. Only a clear technological breakthrough could allow the iPhone Fold to stand out in the eyes of the general public and thus seduce them.

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