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Why these pornographic sites are attacking Europe

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Pornographic sites have been in the crosshairs of legal entities for a (long) time. Arcom has been wanting to crack down for several months. In vain, so far. Whether in France, the United States or Europe, the problem is the same: these sites intended for adults are easily accessible by minors and must imperatively verify the age of their users to protect the youngest.

Thus, with the implementation of the DSA (Digital Services Act), the European Union intends to change things. A few weeks ago, Europe designated Pornhub, XVideos and Stripchat as “very large platforms”, being visited by more than 45 million Europeans every month. Which forces them to submit to the new European regulations.

And Pornhub and XVIdeos don't like that. These two pornographic sites dispute the fact of being very large platforms and file a complaint against the European Union. For its part, Stripchat also filed an appeal against Europe. According to their claims, Pornhub has “only” 33 million monthly European users while Stripchat has “only” 32 million Internet users in Europe per month.

A complaint to slip through the cracks?

If Porhub, XVideos and Stripchat are not considered “large platforms”, these X sites will not have to comply with DSA rules. But what are the obligations of this European regulation ? With the implementation of the DSA, Europe wants more transparency. Thus, large platforms, such as Wikipedia, And that’s what bothers Pornhub and XVIdeos. Concerning Stripchat, its appeal has not been detailed. But we imagine that it must be of the same ilk.

In addition, pornographic sites are racing against the clock. Indeed, they have until April 10, 2024 to present detailed plans on how they intend to limit the major risks of violence against women and improve the protection of minors.

Pornhub, XVideos and Stripchat risk a lot if they do not comply with the DSA. The fine could reach 6% of their overall turnover. The European Commission seems certain of its calculations regarding the number of users of these platforms. All we have to do is wait for the verdict… Even so, X sites continue to be in the crosshairs of many legal entities.

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Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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