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Samsung gives Apple a lesson (in AI): the numbers

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2023 was a special year for the smartphone market. Indeed, for the first time, Apple shipped more smartphones than its rival Samsung. However, according to the latest estimates, the Korean giant is already on the verge of reclaiming its crown thanks to the Galaxy S24 series, launched at the end of January. It must be said that, thanks to the new Galaxy AI features, based on artificial intelligence, Samsung's new flagships have received good feedback.

And obviously, the Galaxy S24, the S24 Plus and the S24 Ultra sold so well that they allowed Samsung to overtake Apple. In any case, this is what is suggested by an article in The Korea Economic Daily, which cites data from Counterpoint Research and Hana Securities. According to this data, in February, Samsung sold 19.69 million smartphones worldwide, with a market share of 20%. For its part, Apple would have only had an 18% share of global sales.

The Korean media adds that this is the first time that Samsung has been number one in global sales, after giving up its number 1 position to Apple in October. And this increase in market share at Samsung would be attributed to the Galaxy S24 series and its artificial intelligence-based features. As a reminder, Galaxy AI includes a new translator integrated into the smartphone, an AI which allows text messages to be rephrased, a functionality which summarizes the contents of web pages for the reader, and numerous improvements to the camera via artificial intelligence. In particular, Samsung's sales were very good in the United States, which is Apple's home market.

Good prospects for Samsung ?

While we are still waiting for new Apple products based on generative AI, which could be announced in June, Samsung should continue to rely on Galaxy AI to boost its sales. And, in the second half, the Korean giant should rely on its folding smartphones. “The growing sales of the Galaxy S24 series in developed markets is an encouraging sign. The constant expansion of the global foldable phone market also brings hope”, said a Samsung official, quoted by The Korea Economic Daily.

Currently, many rumors are already circulating about the Korean giant's next folding smartphones. Sources speak of the development of an affordable version of the Galaxy Z Fold6. But others indicate that Samsung could launch an “Ultra” version of this model, which would cost even more than the standard version.

Otherwise, it should be remembered that instead of reserving Galaxy AI features for users of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung has decided to make them available to users of certain older models, including the Galaxy S23.

  • Samsung would have sold more smartphones than Apple in February 2024, thanks to the Galaxy S24 and its intelligence-based features artificial
  • This would be the first time that Samsung has overtaken Apple, since October 2023
  • For the second half, Samsung could count on sales of its folding smartphones

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