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Samsung reveals new information on its connected ring: design, features, autonomy, etc.

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Samsung is preparing to enter a whole new market: that of connected rings. In January, during the presentation of its Galaxy S24 smartphones, the manufacturer teased the Galaxy Ring, but without giving more information on this future product. But the good news is that Samsung took advantage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to reveal new information about the ring, during a press briefing, while sharing some images.

The Galaxy Ring is coming this year, but we still don't know when. However, rumors suggest that the ring could be made official and then launched during an Unpacked event in the second half of the year. During its press briefing, Samsung did not provide further details. On the other hand, he mentioned the autonomy of the ring.

The manufacturer has not given precise data, but indicates that this autonomy should be counted in days. In any case, this autonomy should not be disappointing. And Samsung will probably try to compete with the 7 days of battery life of Oura brand connected rings. Currently, Samsung is still trying to extend the autonomy of its future ring.

Another mode of health monitoring

< p>The main interest of the connected ring will be health monitoring, on a product that is more compact and more discreet than watches. Samsung has not revealed what sensors will be present, but it will offer sleep tracking that takes into account the user's heart rate and movements. The manufacturer would also offer monitoring of a parameter called “vitality score”. Finally, Samsung also indicates that the connected ring will work optimally with the manufacturer's watches.

For now, that's all we have. Samsung does not discuss the price or other features that have been mentioned in the rumors. For example, unofficial sources suggest that Samsung could integrate an NFC module for payments into its ring. But for the moment, this information should be considered with extreme caution.

In any case, Samsung shares new information on the Galaxy Ring, while rumors suggest that 'Apple is also considering launching a similar product.

  • In January, Samsung teased its future connected ring: the Galaxy Ring
  • The manufacturer took advantage of the Mobile World Congress to reveal new information, while waiting for the official presentation
  • Samsung shared images and discussed autonomy, as well as features, of the Galaxy Ring
  • But the complete technical sheet is not yet known, nor the price and the exact release date
  • In any case, Samsung must hurry, because Apple could also work on a connected ring

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