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Windows 11: soon updates without restart ?

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If you use Windows, you have probably already had to restart your computer many times to complete a system update. And sometimes, Windows notifications asking for a restart come at the wrong time, like while playing a video game, or when you're focused on a task.

But the good news is that Microsoft is working on a solution that would allow it to provide updates without restarting Windows. In any case, this is what is suggested by the Windows Central information site. Citing “sources”, he indicates that Microsoft would like to drastically reduce the number of restarts of Windows 11, thanks to a method called hot patching.

With this new feature, Ordinary monthly security updates could be done without requiring a user reboot. On the other hand, it would still be necessary to restart Windows 11 during “baseline updates”, four times a year. But, in any case, such a change would already significantly reduce interruptions caused by Windows updates.

A method already used by Microsoft

Hot patching would already be tested by Microsoft and could be deployed via the Windows 11 version 24H2 update on x86 and x64 machines. Then, Microsoft would also deploy this new feature on PCs with Arm chips in 2025. But, as usual, this kind of information should be considered with caution, as long as nothing is official. In any case, reducing the frequency of reboots would really improve the operating system.

Otherwise, it should be noted that hot patching is already used by Microsoft, but not for Windows 11 PCs. “Hotpatching is a way to install operating system security updates on Windows virtual machines (VMs) Server Datacenter: Supported Azure Edition that does not require a reboot after installation. It works by correcting the in-memory code of running processes without the need to restart the process”, we can read in Microsoft documentation , about this technique.

  • Windows regularly requests system restarts to complete updates
  • These requests can be poorly timed and interrupt users
  • < li>To resolve this problem, Microsoft is reportedly testing a new technique called hot patching to update Windows 11

  • Restarts would no longer be necessary every month, but they would still be needed at least 4 times a year

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