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School strike: what a mobilization this Tuesday, February 6 ?

The teachers' strike organized this Tuesday, February 6, will not have united as much. than that of last Thursday. But the unions are not giving up and are already calling for action. &agrav; new mobilizations during the week.

À Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, Montpellier and Lille, Yvelines à Aude, Snes-FSU, CGT Educ'Action and Sud Education had to do so. new call teachers à mobilize, this Tuesday, February 6, 2024. The previous strike of teachers organized last Thursday had experienced a great success. In view of the figures announced by the Ministry of Education & midday, we can hardly speak of an encore repetita. 

Last week, "47% of college, high school and CIO staff were on strike" in addition to the 40% of teachers on strike in primary schools, according to the unions. The government instead cited the figure of 20% of teachers on strike. À At midday this Tuesday, the Ministry of Education was, this time, reporting 3.2% growth. ;eacute;vists among teachers. In detail, were mentioned, as relayed in particular by TF1, 0.35% of teachers on strike in the first level; , 9.52% in middle school, 4.79% in general and technological high schools and 3.04% in vocational high schools . No figures clearly announced on X by the unions, but they do not intend to abandon the fight and continue with the idea of ​​continuing the movement throughout the week .

What are teachers on strike asking for ?

Teachers' demands are multiple and concern salaries, working conditions and the attractiveness of the profession. of the profession. But a new demand was added to the list. mobilization this Tuesday: measures of the "shock of knowledge" announced by Gabriel Attal when he was Ministry of National Education. "No to the clash of knowledge. Yes to the wage shock,” we could read in the press release. of Snes-FSU. It is above all the creation of three level groups, from the weakest to the strongest, in sixth and fifth for French and math, which was rejected by teachers.

The recent controversies surrounding the Minister of Education, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra , are also added to anger and had the effect of a triggering element of this protest movement. In a press release ; joint published on February 4, the SNES-FSU, the CGT Educ'action and SUD Education called on secondary school teachers to take action &agrav; a new day of mobilization. On the social network we are loaned · continue to obtain the opening of serious negotiations on salaries and the abandonment of the "clash of knowledge" !" The unions do not intend to be satisfied with just one more mobilization. Indeed, the Snes-FSU has indicated in the press release that "diversified actions will also be offered the rest of the week". Without providing any details on these "actions&quot ;, the union calls &agrav; make this week of February 6 a week of teacher mobilization. The strike notice from the three unions only concerns secondary school teachers, but Sud Education also called on “staff” to strike. go on strike on Tuesday, February 6. 

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