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ChatGPT has made much hype in the IT world. Many experts started to worry about their spots in a company as well as some brands are losing their reputations. Artificial Intelligence has brought many useful outcomes. On the other hand, it takes people’s bread and butter away. The Founding Partner of the tech company Roosh, Sergey Tokarev, commented on the AI risks and IT future, in particular in Ukraine.

This time has come when AI helps people solve different issues and complete particular activities faster and better. However, nobody could even imagine that it will progress so fast. ChatGPT is an example of a fast-growing AI trend. It is a chatbot that learns and improves every day. Sergey Tokarev shared that not miltech but AI has become the biggest global ethical problem.

AI has gone so far that it started to be risky. An outstanding businessman Elon Musk and other industry experts called for a six-month pause in developing systems more powerful than OpenAI’s newly launched GPT4. They justified that such tech progress brings potential risks to society and humanity at large. This problem states the necessity to provide quick solutions for controlling AI.


Why does ChatGPT scare many experts?

According to Sergey Tokarev, AI development is expected to replace some professions and make other operating processes improved and faster. But it will never replace the creative process itself. OpenAI launched a popular ChatGPT product that has covered the whole world. Its recent new update is even “smarter.” GPT4 can respond to any user request in a human-like manner. Depending on a question, AI can introduce answers in different forms: lists, programming codes, lyrics, pictures, etc.

For this reason, some creative specialties like designers, junior developers, and content writers are at risk of losing their jobs. Moreover, Sergey Tokarev notes that GPT4 has caused alarming situations in some giant companies, like Google. It is threatened with losing its reputation. The Roosh founder reckons that Google shares will be dropping in the nearest future. He thinks Microsoft has chances to catch Google in 2-3 years.


Other high-tech progress

Sergey Tokarev also mentions other areas where a fast growth of high tech is obvious. Biotech is making strides in analytics and production. The entrepreneur exemplified BigMind, which took up protein synthesis, a fundamental task for humanity. He believes many breakthroughs are going to appear in this area soon.

Big data analysis is also to deliver significant achievements. Tokarev met a few scientists on big data, and they said they used AI only to model various situations to choose the best for further experiments.

“The world will be divided into two categories: those who write algorithms and invent new ones, and those who simply use them in everyday life,” Tokarev says.

Ukraine will be involved in both categories, but Tokarev believes Ukraine will be chiefly engaged in developing algorithms.

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