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Who is the “man on the scooter” suspected of rape in Grenoble ? A modus operandi described by investigators

In the Grenoble metropolitan area, various rapes and sexual assaults could well have been committed. perpetrated by the same individual. The mode of operation of the one nicknamed "the man à the scooter" was é detailed information by the prosecutor.

Nickname "the manà the scooter", because of his means of transport, a young man whose identity is unknown, & of around twenty years, is accused of of sexual assaults and rapes on eight young women. In any case, this is the number of victims that the Grenoble police services would have counted in this early affair, there are now several weeks, according to information from Dauphiné released.

BFMTVFor his part, he mentions nine files which converge towards this same suspect: he is said to have committed at least four acts of violence, three rapes and two sexual assaults. against young women living in Isère. The victims would all be aged between 20 27 and would have been ;té attacked between January 22 and March 16. The latest one would have been attacked à leaving her building: the attacker allegedly grabbed her by the hair but an alert neighbor spotted her. by the screams would have made the attacker flee.

As relayed by TF1 Info, the prosecutor of the Republic of Grenoble spoke of a violent man" who would systematically attack women late at night. These victims would be attacked at the moment when they arrive home, when they return from work or from the evening. The mode of operation is thus always the same: "The aggressor, alone, dressed in black, mounted a gun. on a black scooter, spots his victims and follows them before attacking them,” detailed the prosecutor. He notably spots his victims in the street or on public transport. In some cases, he allegedly hit them with his scooter and then attacked them. they. He would also be armed with a knife.

The profile of the attacker

The events occurred in various places in the Grenoble metropolitan area, with the local daily newspaper mentioning in particular the neighboring town. Grenoble, Saint-Martin-d'Hères, as well as the Saint-Bruno and Catane districts of the former capital of the Dauphiné.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Grenoble, specifiedé that the wanted man had the following profile: "20 years old, European type, without accent, around 1m70 and of normal or even slightly built build plump, brown eyes, fair complexion and rather red hair. Eric Vaillant assures that the magistrates of the Grenoble public prosecutor's office and all the Grenoble police officers are strongly mobilized on this investigation, even if for time no guard & view does not seem to have taken place.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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