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Sexual contacts: a grandfather recognizes his guilt

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The Quebec courthouse

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The school's special education technician saw that the young teenager in front of her was incapable of talking about it. So she handed him a paper and a pencil. “7 years old, he was drunk, he touched my thighs, then he came back up again.” The teenager had just freed herself from a heavy secret.

Léa*'s grandfather admitted his guilt to the charges of sexual contact and voyeurism, on November 16, at the Quebec courthouse.

Looking contrite, the sixty-year-old admitted to having touched his granddaughter five years ago.

The prosecutor of the prosecution, Me Mélanie Tremblay, explained to the court the context which led to the victim's denunciation.

Last spring, a police officer gave a conference at Léa's school on the prevention of sexual abuse.

Following this meeting, Léa asks questions to the police officer, who directs her to the special education technician. It was during this interview that the school employee noticed that it was difficult for the victim to verbalize, explained Me Tremblay.

Léa will then write what her grandfather did to her five years earlier, in addition to reporting that he looks at her when she takes a bath.

A report will then be made to the DPJ in addition to triggering the police investigation.

The teenager will then give more details to the investigator on the actions taken by her grandfather. While they were watching television, her grandfather took her thigh to give a massage, he moved his hand up from the inside of her thigh, the prosecutor described.

He then rubbed the child's penis, over his clothes.

He will say to her: "Did you like that? It's going to be our little secret"

A quote from Me Mélanie Tremblay, prosecutor for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP)

The victim will tell the investigator that she was seven years old and that she froze. She subsequently decided that her brain would not remember it, because it was disgusting and not normal for her, recounted Mr. Tremblay.

In addition to sexual contact, the teenager will explain that, subsequently, her grandfather watched her when she washed herself in him saying she looked beautiful in her bath.

The grandfather who lives in the district of La Haute-Saint-Charles did not deny the events when the police officers approached him arrested.

He confides to them that he wants to follow therapies and take charge of himself. He confirms that he was drinking a lot at that time, said the prosecutor.

During a meeting with the DPJ, he will corroborate the event that occurred on the couch, in front of the television, and confess to having watched his granddaughter in her bath, but only once. He repeated wanting therapy for his problems.

A few days later, he also sent an email to his son and the victim, titled Mea-culpa.

He apologizes and hopes to be forgiven for his behavior.

A quote from Me Mélanie Tremblay, about the grandfather's email to his son and granddaughter

The prosecutor indicated that the son of the accused did not wish to attend the hearing. He also preferred that his daughter not be there so as not to plunge her back into her traumas.

The grandfather, who is on conditional release during the legal process, must meet with a probation officer who will produce a sexological report.

The findings of his report and the lawyers' submissions on the sentence are to be presented to Judge Frank D'amours in April.

*fictitious first name to protect the identity of the victim

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