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SFR launches an 8 Gbit/s box (almost) like the Freebox Ultra

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This year again, the launch of a Freebox caused the competition to react – at the forefront of which we find SFR. In its new SFR Fiber Premium offer, the operator includes a new box, called SFR Box 8X ​​– and with it an 8 Gbit/s speed both down and up.

The offer is completed by an SFR Box 8 TV with access to 200 channels, a Netflix Standard subscription with advertising, and the Family Bouquet (the option becomes payable at 5.99’ nbsp;€ after 9 months). There are also unlimited calls and the offer is without obligation, all for €44.99 per month.

SFR is launching a offers 8 Gbit/s symmetrical a little cheaper than the Freebox Ultra

Previously, the fastest SFR Fiber offer was also described as 8 Gbit/s s, but the upstream speed was limited to 1 Gbit/s. Obviously, these speed characteristics, and the inclusion (even temporary) of Netflix, are reminiscent of Free and its Freebox Ultra offer at €49.99 per month for 1 year (then €59.99 per month)

But the comparisons stop there, because in the end, the new SFR box maintains a technical comparative disadvantage. Indeed, it is difficult, between WiFi 6 and the Gigabit internet ports on the back, to really take advantage of all the speeds. On paper, WiFi 6 can reach up to 5.7 Gbit/s – in fact, the connection often remains limited around gigabit downlink.

Same thing for the included internet ports which only deliver 1 Gbit/s symmetrical. Opposite, the Freebox Ultra has 2.5 Gbit/s Ethernet ports which is also far from the 10 Gbit/s required to connect a machine to the full bandwidth, but remains comparatively better. Both boxes also offer an SFP port which allows the user, subject to purchasing an adapter, to benefit from 10 GbE connectivity.

Subject to being equipped with a computer with 10 GbE ports, or a 10 GbE card. We note that at SFR, this adapter is very easy to obtain directly from the operator, via the Customer Area. Free does not, to our knowledge, give any specific instructions on the SFP port of its boxes, but many modules from various third-party sources are known to work without the slightest problem.

Of course, you must also check your eligibility for the service. A priori subscribers still connected to the cable will have to go through the installation of fiber by SFR at their home.

    < li>SFR launches the SFR Box 8X and with it an 8 Gbit/s offer with speeds which are finally symmetrical.
  • In detail, the characteristics of the formula are reminiscent of those of the Freebox Ultra, at least with a few exceptions.
  • You must have a module 10G SFP to take advantage of the full bandwidth – provided that your computer has a 10 GbE port.

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