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Windows 11: goodbye to Android apps, Microsoft makes an about-face

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When Microsoft announced Windows 11, support for Android applications in this version of the operating system was one of the main new features for the general public. The Redmond company has integrated an Android subsystem into Windows 11 to support these apps. And it has partnered with the Amazon Appstore to offer a catalog of applications to its users.

The end of Android apps on Windows 11

Unfortunately, this feature will disappear. On its website, Microsoft announces that it will no longer support the Windows Android subsystem or apps and games that use this software, starting March 5, 2025. For its part, Amazon indicates that developers will not can no longer offer new Android apps targeting Windows 11 since March 5, 2024. As for users, they can no longer search the Amazon Appstore or associated applications on the Microsoft Store. On the other hand, those who have already installed Android apps on Windows 11 will be able to continue to use them or receive updates for one year.

The end of the sub -Android system on Windows 11 is a surprise. But, in a statement relayed by Engadget, a Microsoft representative indicates that the firm is adapting to demand. “As part of our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers, we periodically update our product offerings”, it says . “This involves the introduction of new technical innovations and the withdrawal of products. Microsoft remains committed to an open platform and ecosystem, and we look forward to continuing to bring the best experiences and applications to Windows.”

Has Microsoft's vision changed ?

The Android subsystem on Windows 11 would allow Microsoft to provide functionality similar to support for iOS apps on macOS and Android apps on Chrome OS. But, in the meantime, Microsoft's vision has changed significantly, since it is now focusing on AI and its collaboration with the creator of ChatGPT. Moreover, AI is so important to Microsoft that it introduced a new button for the Windows keyboard: a button dedicated to the Copilot assistant, which is based on GPT-4.< /p>

Otherwise, regarding Android apps, it will always be possible to use them on PC, via emulators. However, integrating the Android subsystem into Windows 11 made things a lot easier.

  • The ability to install and using Android applications was one of the big new features of Windows 11
  • But Microsoft has decided to put an end to this functionality
  • The firm would adapt to changes in the “needs” of its consumers

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