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Shocking photos of deteriorating schools have their support

The teachers of these schools organized an exhibition of "urban art" with a very particular style.

For several months, the Ministry of National Education has been at the heart of the news. The scandals which followed one after the other throughout the world comments from Minister Am&eac;lie Oud&a-Cast&eac;ra during her quick visit to The head of the ministry in January 2024 highlighted the issues in the education sector. The teaching staff recalled that In recent months, particularly with episodes of strikes, the most important points have been made. rectify. Among them, is the attractiveness of of the profession with the difficulty of to recruit new teachers and salaries too low. A problem which has created over time that of too many classes. Teachers are also asking for more financial resources for the proper functioning of educational establishments, in particular for the maintenance of the latter…

In order to alert on sometimes extreme situations in degraded educational establishments, teachers from different levels of the degree ;department of Seine-Saint-Denis, in Ile-de-France, have decided to to organize an exhibition with a very particular theme. Wednesday March 6, these teachers installed their unusual photo exhibition, to say the least, in front of the regional council premises in Paris. Saint-Ouen. The photos exhibited for this "urban art" represent signs of dilapidation of establishments where they teach. A project doesné &agrav; from the grievance book filled out by professors in the department, & the initiative of the inter-union (CGT Éduc'action, CNT Éeducation, FSU and Sud Éeducation). < /p>

Printed in large format, the photos exhibited reveal ceilings pitted with mold which threaten to fall, water leaks consequences in classrooms or even cracks in the walls. The images are deliberately shocking, in order #39;to incite local authorities and the ;State à take action. If the photos are already available Very striking, the testimonies of teachers collected by Télérama le are just as much. Teachers recount their daily lives in this & quot;museum of the horrors of the buildings of the National Education of Seine-Saint-Denis". A mathematics professor at the Colonel-Fabien de Montreuil college entrusts her with Télérama: "There are puddles of water in the classrooms as soon as it rains, and some Brown water constantly flows from the tap. We are told that it is linked to the &agrav; the state of the pipes, but that our students can drink it…".

Another teacher, a documentalist, says: "Last year, we had an allophone child in a wheelchair, who the agents were obliged to ;s to carry up the stairs. And then they talk to us about an inclusive school…" She also explains that students with sprains or broken legs are required to stay at the CDI on the ground floor. ;eacute;e or are simply encouraged to do so. return home because they cannot go to class. 

Other teachers revealed to Télérama that the material damage are not the only problems they face. establishments is sometimes accompanied by the presence of pests. Aulnay-sous-Bois says: "Between spring and summeré 2023, beetles have started to appear. falling by the dozen in the hair of the students." A senior education advisor from the Simone-Veil college in the same town declares: "The lodge and the school life room, where where the educational assistants find themselves, are even infested with rats!"

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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