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Singer Corneliu Munteanu pleads guilty

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Corneliu Munteanu became known in participant in the popular television competition “Star Académie”. (Archive photo)

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In preventive detention since November 29, singer Corneliu Munteanu pleaded guilty, Friday, at the Montreal courthouse, of two counts of administering drugs to two people without their knowledge in 2013 and 2016.

The accused became known during his participation in the second edition of the television competition Star Académie< /em>, in 2004. He made headlines in January when criminal charges were filed against him in the case.

The Crown and defense jointly requested a sentence of 100 days of incarceration, a suggestion accepted by the judge. As he has been behind bars since the end of November, he will only have a few days left on his sentence.

Mr. Munteanu will also be subject to two years’ probation. The judge imposed numerous conditions of release on him, including that he not come into contact with his victims or be within 200 meters of their residences.

The artist in his forties was accused more specifically of having administered a poison, a destructive substance, a deleterious substance with the intention of #x27;afflict or torment its victims.

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In a statement that he read to the Court, the accused acknowledged his wrongs in addition to apologizing to his victims.

One of his victims asked the Court to lift the publication ban, which barred the media to reveal his identity. This is Corneliu Munteanu's ex-partner, the singer Meggie Lagacé.

In an agreed statement of facts filed in court, we learn that Ms. Lagacé, who was in a relationship with the singer, had a drink with him on the balcony, one evening in August 2013. Shortly after, she reportedly felt hyperactivity, his heart rate was elevated and his pupils were dilated. She claims to have lost track of time. Believing she was ill, she wanted to go to the hospital, but Corneliu Munteanu dissuaded her.

Haunted by this event for months, she decided to confront her partner who admitted to her having slipped some E [MDMA or ecstasy, Editor's note] powder in his glass that evening. He said he didn't know why he did it, but admitted he couldn't help it.

Meggie Lagacé ended their relationship following these confessions.

For a long time, I closed my eyes to this episode of my life, tempting to forget it, but it always ended up catching up with me. I had this constant desire to denounce him, but the process seemed downright insurmountable.

A few years later, I learned that he had claimed another victim. So I was no longer an isolated case. I learned all this when the #MeToo solidarity movement was at its peak. These courageous people inspired me a lot and opened my eyes.

A quote from Excerpt from a statement by Meggie Lagacé on social networks

The other victim, whose identity remains protected, says she was drugged in 2016 by Corneliu Munteanu during two evenings and a dinner with the singer and his partner. ;era. Claiming to have felt intense symptoms and dizziness during each of these events, the victim also confronted the accused on the evening of dinner. The latter finally admitted to having poured “poppers [a vasodilator substance, Editor’s note]” into his glass of wine.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">During a text interview in the days that followed, the singer apologized to the victim and admitted to having a problem with which he was followed by a psychologist.

Ordered to appear at the Montreal courthouse in November 2023, Corneliu Munteanu failed to appear before the judge. The latter then issued an arrest warrant against the singer.

His escape was, however, short-lived. He was arrested a few days later by Laval police officers and was placed in preventive detention on November 29, pending further proceedings against him.

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