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SNCF finally agrees to verify your identity via your smartphone

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The arrival of France Identity, this official mobile application which allows you to always have, in your pocket, a dematerialized version of driving licenses and ID cards ;identity has sometimes experienced some hiccups.

Particularly on the side of SNCF controllers who until now were not always aware of the validity of these documents presented directly from the smartphone. Thus, some users are a little too early adopters. for the railway company have found themselves trapped in recent weeks.

The SNCF finally accepts France Identity on its trains

Sometimes receiving a fine of €140 for not presenting identity documents during their train journey. An exchange between several users and the company's account on 𝕏 (taken up by our colleagues at Numérama) initially showed a certain language of the deaf.

For their part, users recalled that the France Identity application is completely official, and must be able to serve as legal proof of identity. On the other hand, the SNCF simply recalled the obligation for users to take physical proof with them.

Until now, only identity cards, passports, driving licenses and certain valid residence permits were accepted. However, one of the SNCF managers in charge of the SNCF Voyages division (in charge of TGVs in particular), Alain Krakovitch, announced that France Identité is now accepted by controllers.

Instructions to this effect are currently being communicated. The manager suggests, however, to carry a physical document for a while longer to avoid finding yourself helpless when faced with an inspector who has not received the information.

The France Identité application has been available in a general public version since February 2024. As we told you, it allows you to dematerialize your identity card and your driving license.

To access this service, however, it is essential to exchange or renew these documents for their equivalents in credit card format with the necessary security to be compatible with this dematerialization.

< p>In all cases, even paper driving licenses without an expiration date will soon have to be exchanged to remain valid. The government has set a deadline of January 19, 2033 to complete this exchange.

It is however possible to request a free exchange now to benefit from this rather practical new feature. Note that the license or dematerialized identity card does not replace their physical counterpart – they complete them.

  • After a series of hiccups between users and controllers, the SNCF announces that it has issued new instructions to its teams to accept France Idêtes as proof of identity on board its trains.
  • Until then, despite the entry into force of the application, controllers only accepted physical identity documents.
  • The management of the company nevertheless warns that some hiccups could occur in the coming days, the instruction still being communicated near its base.

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