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Some internet boxes can consume 4 times more than other models

Arcep has just published its annual survey on the energy impact of internet boxes and the latter can see their price vary significantly depending on the model and its consumption.

The Authority of regulation of electronic communications, posts and press distribution (or more commonly called "Arcep") carries out remediation regularly studies the electronic equipment of the French. In its latest report, the institute focuses in particular on the energy impact of our everyday equipment and in particular the boxes of internet providers.

These small boxes are now very widespread. across the country and in the homes of millions of French people. Their main goal is to: make the link between our equipment (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and the networks of major operators. This then allows you to browse the Internet thanks to à the Wi-Fi or Ethernet port of the box.

However, not all internet boxes on sale from operators are necessarily equal. These latter have different speeds allowing you to browse the net more or less quickly.  Some also offer other advantages such as ;#39;adding an integrated hard drive, a Wi-Fi repeater or a TV box.

But did you know that these additions also have a strong impact on the consumption of your equipment? If these offers are already available, you will be able to purchase them on your device. often more expensive in reality, they also have a certain impact on the electricity consumption of your home. This is one of the points noted in particular by Arcep in its latest report where we observe that fiber boxes with integrated hard drive can consume up to 4 times more than a simple xDSL box (including the very common ADSL boxes). On average, an xDSL box consumes between 6.6 and 9.7 watts depending on the model. A box with integrated hard drive goes, as for à it consumes between 15.8 and 25 watts.

Some internet boxes can consume 4 times more than other models

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It is therefore possible that the box you have consumes much more than if you were equipped with a with a simple xDSL box. Keep in mind, however, that your connection speed could be significantly impacted if you decide to settle for only a copper xDSL network. and not fiber.

We also need to put these figures into context. The average price of electricity consumption is rather measured in terms of price. in kilowatt per hour and not in single watt. As a result, the difference in instantaneous consumption of an internet box is insignificant depending on the equipment you have with it.

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