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This automobile brand launches its first smartphone, a success ?

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Polestar, Tesla's main competitor in the electric car market, has just launched its first smartphone. Soberly called the “Polestar Phone” the device is intended to be a high-end solution.

Although the phone is marketed under the Polestar brand, it is actually a Meizu 21 Pro, released a few months ago. The technical sheet of the two phones is identical, displaying the same processor, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It's quite simply what's best today from Qualcomm.

This is not the only high-end component in this phone. Polestar has also retained a 5050 mAh battery as well as a triple rear camera, with a 50 MP wide angle, a 13 MP ultra-wide angle and a 10 MP telephoto lens. For comparison, the latest iPhone 15 has a 48 MP wide angle and a 12 MP ultra-wide angle. The telephoto lens is reserved for Pro and Pro Max models.

For the rest, this first “Polestar Phone” offers ultra-fast wired charging with 80W and 50W wireless. The screen is a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel, which is as big as the iPhone 15 Plus to get an idea.

< h2>A brand new OS

In addition to using Meizu's hardware architecture, Polestar draws inspiration from its Android overlay to offer Polestar Phone OS. Visually the two operating systems are very similar. The only difference is found in the use of AI, which is more efficient on the Polestar Phone.

Obviously, the phone has been designed around the use of the brand's electric cars. The bridge between the two devices could not be more natural. It is thus possible to monitor the battery level of your car or even use it as a voice assistant.

Mission impossible for Polestar

If this first smartphone has a more than honest technical sheet, the device could have difficulty finding a place in a rapidly transforming smartphone market. While demand for new models is falling quarter after quarter, the giants of the sector like Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi are not really leaving room for newcomers.

In addition, the price positioning of this Polestar Phone risks being an obstacle to its development. For the moment the phone is only sold in China, at a price of 7388 yuan (953 euros). A price that risks scaring away many potential customers, especially when we know that the Meizu 21 Pro, of which it is a carbon copy, is sold almost 200 euros cheaper.

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