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Speed ​​cameras: It will soon be impossible to get fined for speeding

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Speeding fines will soon become history. Indeed, Europe and the French government are taking new measures regarding road safety and more specifically, speeding. If fines for speeding detected by radar are a real financial windfall for the State, it seems that it will deprive itself of a source of several billion euros each year with this new product arriving this summer.

What is Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance?

If autonomous driving is a concept that gives you pimples for its intrusiveness in driving, you will probably go crazy reading this news. Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance or AIV in French is an intelligent speed adaptation system, a limiter which allows in a much more practical way than currently to be aware and limit the maximum authorized speed during your conduct.

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Indeed, many vehicles are already equipped with speed limiters, with which you will have to play systematically with each gear change, which can quickly become restrictive. With the proliferation of radars in France, some motorists have the impression that they look more at their speedometer than at the roads they take, making this new device a real improvement for safer driving.

How does this new limiter work?

The operation of the AIV is rather simple, a camera placed at the front of the vehicle takes care of reading the speed limit signs, combining all this with the vehicle's GPS data indicating exactly where the one -here it is. A system that is already present in certain vehicles, such as the latest generation Hyundai Kona that we tested here.

Once the information is received by the vehicle, it will act in a manner programmed by its brand. If the government website indicates “the AIV automatically causes a gradual deceleration of the vehicle by reducing its power or by hardening the travel of the accelerator pedal. At the same time, a visual and audible alert will be triggered”, the reality is often quite different. In fact, car manufacturers retain the choice of measures implemented by the limiter.

Thus , I have already noticed for myself that with the Korean Hyundai, this translates into a horn which beeps until the driver reduces speed . At Ford, the vehicle sometimes brakes by itself when it detects a speed limit sign lower than the vehicle's current speed, which is sometimes dangerous.

A system that often poses problems in practice

Although it can be very useful, the system does not is unfortunately not infallible, far from it. This is something that I have already experienced myself in certain vehicles already equipped with AIV, the taking of information is often capricious, or even completely incorrect< /strong>.

A simple scenario, it sometimes happens on motorways (therefore limited to 130 km/h in France) that the vehicle reads a deceleration lane speed limit sign limited to 90 km/h, which automatically brakes the car. It also sometimes happens that when passing under a bridge, the AIV detects a speed limit sign on it, which also poses a problem.

If this new speed limit system is based on a good feeling, it will need to be truly improved if it is to become infallible in everyday traffic.

When will the AIV be implemented?

The establishment of the AIV is mandatory in all new cars from July 2024. It will therefore be interesting to see the next road safety statistics, in order to see if this system actually reduces fines for speeding, or better yet, road accidents.

< p>Will it still be necessary to have a new vehicle equipped with this new limiter, previously produced vehicles having no obligation to have the device.

Is it possible to override this new speed limiter ?

In most vehicles currently equipped with this new type of limiter speed, it is possible to deactivate it, which can be useful if it does not work perfectly, or proves too annoying.

Please note, however, that each time the vehicle is turned off, you will have to return to the menu to deactivate the limiter, which systematically resets to default. You find it annoying? Tell yourself that at least it is possible to deactivate it, which may no longer be the case in a few years depending on the decisions of the European Commission.

  • A new type of speed limitercoming soon to all new vehicles.
  • By reading speed limit signs with a camera and using GPS data, the vehicle will be able to automatically set the speed limit.
  • Being compulsory on all new cars from July 2024, it is possible to deactivate it in the menus, an operation necessary at each startup.

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