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Spotify announces the increase in the price of its premium subscription

In a press release; press release, the Spotify platform announces the increase in the price of its Premium subscription in France.

"We did everything to avoid getting to this point, unfortunately the French government decided to do so. otherwise" and French subscribers will have to pay more. In a press release; published press this Thursday morning, the streaming listening platform Spotify announces an increase in its premium subscription prices, without giving, for the moment, either a figure or the date. "Soon, our subscribers & Spotify Premium in France will experience a price increase due to additional costs on music streaming services, imposed by the French government as part of the &quot ;CNM tax", can we read in the document, publishedé on social networks.

This CNM tax was announced by the government last December. Dreaded by the platforms, it must be used to protect the public sector. finance aid to the National Music Center. "This is a public body that commissions studies on the French music industry and provides financial grants to record companies and &agrav; “the live entertainment industry”, specifies Spotify in its press release, explaining that “the French government has decided” that music streaming services will now have to pay a new tax to finance this center."

And &agrav; Spotify casts doubt: that “this tax does not go directly to artists, nor has a tangible return visible to fans.” In its press release, the streaming giant explains that this tax will bring in "15 million euros." But considering the amount à pay, is forced to increase the price of his Premium subscription, as explained in this article. in his press release; Press. Subscribers “will now pay the highest package” within the European Union. Spotify is increasing its prices in France to compensate for these new costs." Details on the amount of this increase will be communicated soon.

Last December, à Following the government's announcement of the upcoming implementation of this law, Director General Antoine Monin had already announced denounced a "monumental strategic error", announcing a divestment from its platform in France and withdrawing its support for France. several festivals such as the Francofolies de La Rochelle or the Printemps de Bourges.

Spotify's announcement is controversial

As soon as the press release is released, Spotify's press release, the criticisms were heard on social networks, where A number of subscribers are outraged by such a decision. The platform is regularly singled out, particularly for not paying artists enough. ;now for his decision to charge é its subscribers this tax wanted by the government to finance the CNM, a body created to support the music industry and its actors, as the CNC can do for cinema & eacute;ma.

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