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On Netflix, this documentary series is made for fans of conspiracy theories

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On Netflix, there are plenty of programs that talk about mysterious investigations. It is often a real success for the streaming platform. After being interested in the disappearance of little Gregory, in that of Maddy McCann, in a viral serial killer who started by killing cats or in Jeffrey Dahmer in all sauces, Netflix seems to have found its new business of “true crime”.

Available since Wednesday February 28, 2024 on the platform, the documentary series American Conspiracy : a sprawling investigationtakes us into the case of the strange death of Danny Casolaro, an investigative journalist found dead in the bathtub of his hotel room in 1991. What's interesting is that he was investigating a strange case called “Octopus”, or The Octopus.

Si American Conspiracy: a sprawling investigation has not yet completely won over the French public, the documentary series is in the top world list of most watched programs on Netflix. We tell you everything about this program which takes us into the abyss of conspiracy theories in the United States.

American Conspiracy: into the abyss of conspiracy theories

As the title of this new documentary series indicates, the investigation is sprawling. Found dead in 1991, everything led us to believe, at first, that the journalist Danny Casolaro committed suicide. But the fact that he leaves behind an unresolved investigation, involving the government, the American secret services, unsolved murders as well as the election of former American president Ronald Reagan, puts a chip in the ear of many people. The journalist was working hard to shed light on a major political conspiracy. But as he got closer to the truth, he was found dead in his hotel room. There are plenty of questions to be asked.

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Composed of 4 episodes of a little less than an hour each < em>American Conspiracy: a sprawling investigationintroduces us to this affair through the work of photojournalist Christian Hansen, who continues Danny Casolaro's investigation. On social networks, spectators share their investment in this decidedly very strange affair and their shock over the revelations.

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If you like investigations, mysteries and conspiracy theories, American Conspiracy: a sprawling investigationis the documentary series to watch right now. With 3.9 million cumulative views over its first five days of broadcast on Netflix, the program is very popular in more than twenty countries, such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom or Australia again. But here, the documentary series has not yet piqued the curiosity of spectators. This is an opportunity to fix it.

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