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Spotify Premium subscription price increases, amount revealed

Streaming platform Spotify is increasing its prices based on a government tax.

Spotify had announced it, it is now confirmed. : the price of the Premium subscription & its platform increases. Last March, the streaming streaming giant announced this measure in response to its announcement. the introduction of a new government tax to be used for finance aid to the National Music Center (CNC). The subscribers concerned therefore received an information email this Tuesday, May 28, 2024, detailing the new amount to be paid. pay to be able to continue à take advantage of its services.

The increase concerns all subscriptions to Spotify and is "only" of a few cents per formula. The Premium Personnel subscription goes from 10.99 to 10.99 cents per formula. 11.12 euros per month; the Premium Etudiants takes 7 cents and goes à 6.06 euros; the Premium Duo will be available from June & 15.17 euros instead of 14.99 euros and finally the Premium Family subscription goes up from 17.99 to 17.99 euros. 18.21 euros per month, or 22 cents increase, the highest in this announcement.

Spotify specifies that this price increase concerns new subscribers, existing subscribers will see the price of their subscription adjusted accordingly. &agrav; from July 2024, depending on the renewal date of your plan. This increase, caused by the introduction of the tax on streaming, had been strongly criticized by Spotify – whose subscription prices are now the highest in the world. Europe – and, inevitably, its French subscribers.

"Although Spotify has been working on hard to find alternative solutions, the French government finally decided to take action. to impose this tax of 1.2% & all music streaming services. Spotify is committed to defend artists and will continue to do so. pay back nearly two thirds of its income to rights holders (i.e. several hundred million euros in France in 2023). In the future, additional increases in the CNM tax will be reflected in our pricing plans in France and we will continue to do so. urge the government à find alternative means for this financing", is it preciseé in the announcement email of the platform & its subscribers.

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