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Why refurbished iPhones are under threat in France ?

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What if reconditioned iPhones were banned in France ? Last September, Apple abandoned the famous Lightning port for its new iPhone 15s. The fault lies with the European Union which wants a single charger. No jealousy, everyone must comply with USB-C. Manufacturers have until December 28, 2024 to adopt the USB type C port if they do not want to be sanctioned.

Apple is particularly singled out. Most manufacturers have focused on USB-C, except the Cupertino company. If Tim Cook's teams ended up dropping the Lightning port on the iPhone only a few months ago and USB-C has entered the Apple ecosystem, the latter is resisting for certain accessories of the apple brand.

As the entry into force of this European directive concerning USB-C as well as a decree and an order in France approaches, some are wondering. Refurbished iPhones still equipped with the Lightning port could well become illegal at the end of this year.

The end of reconditioned iPhones in France ?

If the implementation of a universal charger tends towards essential harmonization for consumers, it could have a strong impact on the reconditioned market. Refurbished smartphones are becoming more and more popular, for economical but also ecological reasons. The end of the Lightning port could change everything.

As Numerama points out, the French texts mention the “equipment placed on the market”, and not just “new equipment”. Consequently, it is possible that this somewhat vague formula concerns non-compliant devices manufactured outside the European Union which are refurbished and then placed on the European market to give them a second life. Thus, refurbished iPhones that still have a Lightning port could well be banned in France.

Currently, two thirds of refurbished smartphones circulating on the European market come from the United States or Asia. If this concern is confirmed, it could completely shake the reconditioned market. While the implementation of a universal charger aims to simplify consumers' lives, it also has an unprecedented ecological dimension. Thus, its consequences on the reconditioned market could well have the opposite effect…

  • L’USB -C is soon mandatory on all electronic devices (small and medium)
  • The wording of legal texts creates uncertainty
  • iPhones still equipped with the Lightning port could well be banned from the end of 2024, even reconditioned

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