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Star Wars: George Lucas talks about how he surprised everyone with Darth Vader

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He is inseparable from the Star Wars saga: Darth Vader is even one of the best-known villains of the seventh art. And it is precisely to tell the story of his descent into hell that George Lucas undertook to create the trilogy of episodes I, II, and III which foreshadow the robotic antagonist of the three original films.

The relevant choice of George Lucas

In an interview with Wired published in 2005, the filmmaker spoke about his script choices. He very clearly states that he wanted to surprise the spectators and justifies his choices. Reading his words shows us how deeply tragic the transformation of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader is.

George Lucas indeed explains:

People expected Episode III, in which Anakin transforms into Darth Vader, to be Episode I Then they expected Episodes II and III to depict Darth Vader cutting off people's heads and terrorizing the universe. But how he became Darth Vader? We need to explore his relationships and see where he started. He was a kind, helpful child, as most people imagine themselves to be. Most people think, “That guy must have been a horrible little brat, an evil child.

And the legend of the seventh art adds: “But the fact is that’he wasn't born like that, he became it and thought he was doing the right thing. He eventually realizes that he's headed down the path of darkness, but he thinks it's justifiable. The idea is to see how a democracy becomes a dictatorship, and how a good person becomes bad… while continuing, in the end, to think that she is doing the right thing….

The Rift of the First Trilogy

This is undoubtedly the great strength of these feature films. The audience can indeed identify with the character of Anakin when he is just a kind little child eager to help the Republic. He can also recognize himself in this turbulent teenager, but full of good will. The idea is to show that becoming a monster is not written in an individual's genes, but is based on a series of chances, events, encounters, and choices, which can prove fatal.

Of course, this wasn't always shown very well on screen. Moreover, George Lucas himself admitted that the romance scenes between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala go quite poorly. You can learn more by re-reading our article dedicated to this subject here.

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