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This extension allows you to have the Copilot “sidebar” without leaving Google Chrome

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Thanks to its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft was able to very quickly deploy numerous features based on generative artificial intelligence on its various products and services. And among the products that benefit enormously from OpenAI technologies, there is Copilot, Microsoft's assistant. This allows free access to models like GPT-4 Turbo, or even DALL-E 3, which are normally paid for on the ChatGPT application.

And that's not all, since if you use Microsoft's Edge browser, you benefit from Copilot integration in the navigation experience. But the good news is that thanks to an extension, you also have the possibility of integrating Microsoft Copilot on Google Chrome. This extension can be very interesting for people who use Microsoft's AI a lot, but who don't want to leave the Google browser.

Called Copilot sidebar for Chrome, this extension is available on the Chrome web store and allows you to have a sidebar dedicated to Copilot, on the Google browser. The sidebar allows you to access Microsoft's chatbot, without having to leave the tab you are using, to chat with the AI ​​or even ask it to summarize the content of the article you are using. you consult.

How to install Copilot sidebar for Chrome

To obtain this sidebar, simply go to the Copilot sidebar for Chrome page on Chrome web store, then install the extension on Google Chrome. Next, you'll need to pin the extension to Chrome (for easy access), and go to Bing.com to log into your Mircrosoft account.

This extension allows you to have the Copilot “sidebar” without leaving Google Chrome

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If the extension allows you to enjoy Copilot on a sidebar, instead of going to the Microsoft's AI website, it does not allow you to take advantage of all the Copilot features that we have on Microsoft Edge. Additionally, the speed at which the AI ​​responds to queries may vary. But in any case, for those who have already adopted Microsoft Copilot, but not the Redmond company's browser, this extension can save a lot of time.

  • Microsoft Edge integrates Microsoft's Copilot AI and allows access to it on a sidebar
  • But thanks to an extension, it is possible to have a similar functionality on Google Chrome
  • This tool can be very handy for those who have adopted Microsoft Copilot, but do not want to replace Google Chrome with Microsoft Edge

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